Monday, August 18, 2008

Steve Jobs is sick is not known what.

Something inexplicable happening recently with IT-giant Apple. On the one hand, a number of excellent products sold and the most financially successful quarter in the company's history, on the other - the collapse of shares and Steve Jobs mysterious disease. Try to understand.

Initially, Apple announced financial outcome for the III quarter of fiscal 2008 (ended June 28). During this period, the company increased profits by more than 30%, while revenue was $ 7.46 billion (For comparison: a year ago for the same period this amount is equivalent to $ 5.41 billion) 42% profit company received from international sales. Compared with last year, profits from sales of Macintosh PC family grew by 43%: Apple Mac shipments increased to a record 2,496,000 units (it is 41% more than in the III quarter of 2007 - go). Growth in PC sales nearly tripled Apple was higher than that, in general, for the industry. It was also sold more than 11 million players iPod - which means growth in sales and profits by 12% and 7%, respectively, compared with the same period a year ago.

In the ensuing interview, Steve Jobs described last quarter, the best in the history of Apple. According to the permanent leader "apple company, the success of the new iPhone 3G help further strengthen the leadership of Apple. A projected financial director Peter Oppenheymera Apple, the company earnings in the IV quarter is $ 7.8 billion

Also, Steve Jobs said: "We are now completing the establishment of several new products, which are fired in the next few months." Nevertheless, the market reacted to record a record 10% Apple - by the collapse of the company's shares. Much of the reason this has become a very unhealthy view of the Steve Dzhobsa and persistent rumours about his poor state of health. I recall that back in October 2003 Dzhobsu diagnosed cancer of the pancreas, and in 2004 - m tumor removed. But in June this year, Steve Jobs appeared in public very pohudevshim, and this has given rise to rumours about the new disease.

Even more confusion has made himself head of Apple in late July, when the journalist personally telephoned the newspaper The New York Times Joe Nosere and by placing a condition not record the conversation, told him about their health. According to the journalist, "the disease is not deadly, and it certainly is not cancer. At the same time, this is not an" ordinary disease ", which in June said representatives of Apple".

Note that more about the health of all other holders of the shares Dzhobsa worry Apple. The reason is simple: the company has no clear plan for the transfer of leadership and Jobs not yet appointed a successor, as recently happened at Microsoft, where Bill Gates quietly replaced Steve Ballmer.

Regarding announced Dzhobsom technical innovations, it is believed the Internet publication AppleInsider, it most likely is a new mobile PCs, which will be held in their construction no less significant changes than memorable passage from PowerPC processors to Intel in 2006 . I recall that now MacBook laptops and MacBook Pro are based on processors and chipsets platform Intel Santa Rosa, that is, on the same components as other PC manufacturers. But the next generation of desktops and notebooks Apple will no longer use the chipset Intel, although they still will be installed central processors Intel. Accordingly, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro will not appear Intel Centrino platform 2.

As they say specialists, the company Apple, preparing for the entry of an extremely thin and light notebooks like the MacBook Air, Intel chipsets are no longer satisfied in terms of energy consumption and low productivity due to embedded graphics controller.

In the view of most consulting companies in the coming years, financial indicators Apple will steadily increase. Among the main reasons for the success of Apple - the reliability of the operating system Mac OS X, the value of the PC Macintosh, comparable to Windows-computers, as well as consumers' apparent dissatisfaction with OS Windows Vista.

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