Monday, August 11, 2008

World freedom ends?

World Wide Web is often referred to as a place of universal freedom and equality. Rather, called - now hardly anyone would argue with the fact that freedom of the network beginning of the era of cyberspace hopelessly outdated.

Previously, World Network was thus a place where everyone can find all that want, and leave their own mark in any form as the soul wishes. Not long ago, everyone who wants to without fear of any consequences, to download using any network piringovoy any files needed him, whether works of the most popular musicians, "Crack" to the software developers or any child pornography. Similarly, can be established on any "" site on a given known to man, which poured mud with his feet to the head.

Now everything has changed, and quite seriously. Now, those same Americans problematic Torrents poured in music and movies, and even on YouTube does not expire "rear" film and television companies wanting to know the name (or rather, "poaypishno") all lovers halyavy. In neighbouring Russia also deployed the fight against piracy. There, however, has only really seriously struggling with software pirates, however, as the saying goes, the main thing - a trend. I think not in sight while in Russia will begin raids on students, with the torrent of downloaded music. But there are already far and a time when the international experience of combating piracy dokatitsya to Belarus.

However, piracy - a separate issue about which we have said in the "Computer conduct" and I think that time has not yet speak again. Under the freedom of the Internet more often than not understand freedom of speech and not freedom of piracy. This term, of course, there are many different meanings and connotations, but in what way does not look, there is a tendency to reduce the freedom of speech on the Internet. Not everywhere, of course, but, on average, so for peace.

The most significant contribution to this process is making, of course, China. This, in general, naturally already if only because in the number of people on our planet that is China is making a very tangible contribution. However, it is not only in quantity - Chinese authorities since ancient times not too, to put it mildly, welcomed the criticism in his address. However, given the long tradition of the Chinese government, we can say that today's nothing conceptually new Chinese authorities, in general, do not do. And even venture to suggest the Chinese themselves did not suffer too from the existence of censorship and the great Chinese firewall. Building walls to otgorazhivatsya from the outside world, there accepted. As the silence shortcomings own rulers. Worse, of course, is that China gives its example to many countries in which there is no long tradition of dictatorship. But here, unfortunately, nothing can you do - the inhabitants of these countries only remains, as they say, "teach matchast" to circumvent tamoshnih firewall.

However, there is a restriction of freedom of speech on the Internet and the positive side. Now everyone who leaves their views in writing on sites in forums or blogs, should be well thought write. If you think bad or if dumalka not working too well, and we can get behind bars. In neighbouring Russia, which never tires of us to cast examples, good and bad, a bloger already convicted for having written a nasty comment about the police. Could this be in our country? I think that we are even more likely than in Russia. Belarusian legislation has a lot of repressive measures against those who want vyrugatsya to the state. At those who want to keep their comments to the news, offer a look at excerpts from the administrative and criminal codes - just those articles which can be applied to those who have left any incorrect, in terms of our laws, the commentary. And rightly so, because the comments now, as Russia has set an example blogera Terentieva, you should write cautiously.

However, if you do not go into politics, the control over those who and how, and that writes and posts - rather, well, rather than bad. After all, few people are pleased when his insult, the more publicly. Internet - is a public place, and therefore equate insults blog or forum to insult on the page newspaper - this is, in my view, quite normal. This internetchikov teaches tolerance, and, in general, thanks to this World Wide Web vzrosleet.

So, as you can see, despite some problems with freedom of expression in some countries of the world, the Internet has been growing up in others. And, in general, the entire network is, as they say physics, in a state of dynamic equilibrium. So there is no special reason alarmed - as it further growing network in post-Soviet space will be more good news than bad.

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