Wednesday, September 3, 2008

AMD eve of "great breakthrough"?

Each year, another Intel Developer Forum is becoming one of the most notable events of the world semiconductor industry. Not surprisingly, the eve of the event company AMD is trying to be louder express themselves, diverting the attention of the press and consumers from its competitor spells. Already well led, that it was before the Intel Developer Forum AMD makes loud statements and introduced new products. I recall that the current IDF will be held in San Francisco August 19-21.

This year the company has its own information offensive AMD began with news that 45 - nm processors from the company (working title of Shanghai) will soon come to the market and become major competitors CPU architecture Intel Nehalem. Senior Vice President Randy AMD Alain personally told reporters that the supply of Shanghai companies integrators will begin in the IV quarter of this year.

CPU Shanghai originally focused on huge market dual servers. It may be a situation where AMD will soon compete in this sector with a chip Intel Penryn. The point is that while not reliably known when Intel withdraws to the market-based solutions Nehalem for this segment. It is worth to keep in mind that the key honors 45 - nm Opteron from the current 65 - nm will be increased from 2 to 6 MB cache L3. In doing so, they remain compatible with existing platforms require only updated BIOS. As for Nehalem, it will require new chipsets, and this puts it in slightly more advantageous position, compared with a competitor from AMD.

However herself AMD, it seems, is going to seriously change its business model. If this is indeed happens, the reform will be implemented under the strategy "asset lite" - talk about it a long time, but specific details have not yet been sounded. Known only general postulate: in the current circumstances, AMD no longer can afford to maintain its own "silicon production. It is likely that the company would be forced to sell their factories and focus efforts on developing new microprocessors.

Anticipated reforms attracted most attention as a competitor AMD (primarily, of course, Intel), and production partners. This is particularly true of companies Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), which now produce chips AMD. If the strategy of "asset lite" will be realized, the products under the brand name AMD may also engage in United Microelectronics Corp (UMC).

There may also option when AMD in the future break up into two companies. "Substantive" AMD will leave a function of the developer, while the daughter company will specialize in production. In this case, the manufacturer dostanutsya all existing factories AMD, including the most modern - factory in Dresden.

According to another version, already ozvuchennoy some experts, a large proportion of production capacity AMD has to TSMC, a slight gain remnants company Chartered. This indirectly confirms the information that Chartered produces only some products AMD, while TSMC on lines already mastered the production of most such products.

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