Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buy whether Mormons Facebook?

Facebook social network once again reminded of themselves, with a very unusual way. On the Internet lightning razneslis rumours that buy the world's largest social network plans to Mormonskaya Church ("Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of recent days"). The first reported by the Zak Klein, bloger videoservisa and founder of Vimeo. Klein referred to their own sources of information inside the company Facebook. A bit later another authoritative bloger Brady Brim-DeForest said: "I contacted an old friend, who works for one of the interested parties, and learned that this information may be truthful".

The most interesting thing is that with the financial and legal standpoint, this transaction is possible. According to the magazine Time, already in 1996 financial assets Mormonskoy churches were $ 30 billion, and by 1999 its annual revenues exceed $ 5 billion, in turn, to date the market value of Facebook - from $ 5 to $ 8 billion

However, wishing to buy Facebook, and besides Mormons enough. In May this year reported that Facebook is preparing to acquire the company Microsoft - is expected to compensate for derailing the deal to buy Yahoo. And even earlier - in October 2007 - the first - Microsoft bought 1,6% Facebook for $ 240 million, thereby confirming the assessment capitalization social network in the $ 15 billion Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Tsukerberg that has been said that he would like to preserve the independence of Facebook in anticipation of the planned in the near future IPO (issuance of shares and entering the Stock Exchange).

But what exactly Mormon interest to Facebook? We will not take into account religious propaganda - proselytism equally inherent in all religious tendencies, but not all are buying popular internet projects. However Mormonskaya church really be interested in acquiring Facebook for the reason that social network that owns the largest database with information about users. Mormons always attached special importance to family ties, and to date Mormonskoy church belongs to the most detailed genealogical database in the United States containing information on several generations of Americans. Moreover, even 80 - years of the "Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of recent days" created the first computer standard for the exchange of genealogical information - G E nealogy Data COMmunications (GEDCOM).

No less valuable for Facebook tserkovnikov and media as a unique tool. The company estimates comScore, Facebook - a world leader on the growth in popularity among social networks. Since June 2007 - till June 2008 - the number of users on the network increased by 153%, thereby greatly help launch versions of Facebook in various languages. This allowed to localize the social network in many countries around the world. Also in April this year, Facebook has become a leader in Internet audience reach, ahead of chief rival - MySpace.

According to statistics, most Facebook users live in North America (49 million); popularity network in this market is growing at 38% per year. But in other regions of the world audience networks grow much faster - in Europe it is already 35 million people, which at 303% more than a year ago. In Latin America, the popularity of Facebook for the year grew by 1055%, in Southeast Asia - by 458% in the Middle East and Africa - at 403%.

Of course, it is possible that news of the Mormon desire to buy Facebook - just PR-action. If so, it must be acknowledged, very successful.

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