Sunday, September 7, 2008

Java: a success story

Today, at each site, offering jobs for those who wish to find a job easily find many vacancies for Java-programmers. Java - most popular language in which write anything: from on-board systems for the management of satellites to small utilities. Many recall how Java programming language became № 1 in the world. But, nevertheless, are familiar with the history of Java do not even everyone who writes in that language.

According to Sun Microsystems, the company that developed this programming language, started his story because in 1990 - Patrick Noutonu m, one of the programmers, tired of supporting hundreds of incompatible interfaces with each other X11 systems and NeWS. Share urgent with the executive director of Sun Scott McNeil, Nouton received good at creating a team that was supposed to address the problems of compatibility with various software devices. The group was called the Green Group, and, in addition Noutona, it also includes Billy Joy and James Gosling. Shortly after the start of the group turned out well, a very unpleasant time in that the devices used in various processors of varying architecture, but because for adaptation "rom" devices and to add new functions to existing electronic devices needed to spend unreasonably great effort. Exit seen in creating software that could provide a simple writing software for all devices.

So began the draft Oak. Sun Microsystems claims that this name was chosen because of the tree, IPR Goslinga from outside the window. Green Group was transformed into an independent company, but the success of its product did not have. Nevertheless, at the hands of developers have been not only the ideas gleaned largely from the development company has bought Sun Bridge Systems. By 1993 - moo was ready not only to Oak with all necessary tools for programming, but also the first device, programmed with it: a gadget to view the cartoons had, to all others, and even the touch screen, prompting the user, actually, and to maintain control. This device is very impressed managing director of Sun Microsystems, but attempts to interest potential customers in the person of Mitsubishi and France Telecom were unsuccessful. In spring 1994 - the first virama First Person, which turned the former Green Group, has been closed, while the fate of language Oak, it seemed, was prejudging: at best it should have been just another failed impasse branch development programming languages for consumer electronics.

However, the appearance (or rather say, the explosion of popularity) World Wide Web has enabled Oak project again massacre wings. Bill Joy suggested to adapt Oak Web, which was successfully done in the shortest possible time. In passing the draft yielded more blagozvuchnoe, in terms of leadership Sun Microsystems, the name - Java. It was also designed browser HotJava, which demonstrated the possibility of virtual machine Java. Revolutionary idea was also to make the product free. Authors product feared pressure from the establishment of Sun Microsystems, but eventually managed to convince all that only one open interface for communication with different applications of Java would be manifestly inadequate for the rapid spread of Java via the Internet.

In the modern history of Java - stories of programming - agreed to allocate three periods related, respectively, to version 1, 1.1 and 2 of the programming language. In Java 1.1, which would be more correct to call a second language creators, have been added such important opportunities as the serialization of objects, methods of remote call (RMI, remote method invocation), support work with databases in the form of JDBC and the "native" platform API in as JNI. Also in this version has the support of reflections, without which it is impossible to imagine the lion's share of the work of modern libraries for Java-programming. In Java 2 changes have been less affected and they are mostly standard language libraries. Now Swing library for creating user interface, separately allocated to the library collections, a library of Java Accessibility, include support for CORBA.

History of Java - a good example of that "patience and work all peretrut", as stated in the well-known proverb. The ability to find the application of ideas caught unclaimed in the area, which was originally designed Oak, Sun Microsystems has allowed staff to create programming technology, considered the most successful and promising now. Learn from the experience of the creators of Java, do not throw ideas at halfway, and then they simply are doomed to success.

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