Thursday, September 25, 2008

The market for mobile phones reformat

The research company Gartner released its medium-term outlook of the market mobile phones. According to analysts Gartner, before the end of 2009 the market of mobile phones, a number of new players, while the market will take only a few frank outsiders. Most manufacturers will actively promote the services of data transmission and value-added services, and the devices become easier to use with the old functionality. It is the greatest sales growth will occur in developing countries, while in Western Europe and Japan will begin declining, while in the U.S. - a long period of stagnation. Gartner experts have identified five key trends in the industry of mobile phones by the end of 2009 th.

First of all, the market of cellular devices will new players - for example, a manufacturer of GPS-navigators Garmin - the company postponed the release of its first phone with the IV quarter of 2008 th next year. The emergence of new producers in a fairly competitive market driven by the expansion and diversity of ready platforms. Secondly, pressure from operators seeking to lower prices for mobile phones, will force manufacturers to seek new sources of income, for example, from the sale of content and other services. On this path have already Nokia with its service Ovi, Sony Ericsson with PlayNow and Apple with iTunes. Similar projects are preparing to launch a number of manufacturing companies - for example, Motorola. In the future, according to experts, business links between manufacturers of phones and smartphones, cellular operators and content providers will be much stronger and more diverse in their points of convergence, new business models. Another important trend in 2009 - cellular phones (unless, of course, the word «phone» still can be applied to these devices) will become less complicated to use. The growing importance will play a mobile design and style, while the differences in functionality will become less visible. Manufacturing companies will design and implementation especially those new technologies that will reduce the price variation of design. For example, the expected conclusion of new agreements with the world's elite brands of accessories and sportswear - and, what features are not jokes, and can reach up to use food and automobile brands. Pepsi-phone and phone-style Jaguar today may cause a smile, but do not forget how quickly changing world around us. Co-products, manufacturers of mobile phones could increase the attractiveness of their vehicles in the eyes of consumers. Finally, the life cycle of high-tech phones will grow: it will be possible to download software updates, new copyright management (DRM), applications and services, multimedia files - all for the appliance to remain current as long as possible.

With regard to statistical projections of Gartner, then, on the basis of 2008 in the world to be sold 1.28 billion cell phones that by 11% compared to 1.15 billion vehicles sold last year. In I quarter of this year in the world were sold 294.3 million mobile phones. According to preliminary calculations, in the II quarter (April-June) in retail sales and in offices operators sent 300 - 305 million mobile phones. Leading Gartner analyst Carolina Milanezi said: «In III quarter sales growth to continue, but would be irrelevant because the company Motorola and LG have already warned of the quarterly decline in sales. In addition, remains challenging and economic situation. All hope lies at the end of the year when producers phones will be provided the largest share of new products. In addition, the increase in sales in the IV quarter should affect the seasonal factor ». However, sales growth will be achieved primarily by developing countries, countries in Eastern Europe, Russia (CIS) and Latin America. At the same time, in regions such as Western Europe, Japan and North America, the market has reached saturation point. According to analysts, the Asia-Pacific region in 2008 will be sold 472.5 million mobile devices that will be at the 17.9% increase over last year. In Western Europe, will be sold approximately 188 million phones - a 1.5% lower than the 2007-meters. Sales volume in North America amounted to 185.7 million units, which will give 5.3 percent for the year. At the same time, Japan will be sold 47.7 million vehicles, a country rising sun from last year will show 9.1-percent decline in sales of mobile phones.

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