Monday, September 15, 2008

News for developers

* The company Intel announced a new tool for the development of multithreaded applications, the possibility of using modern multicore processors. Intel Parallel Studio will be implemented as a set of additions to the environment Microsoft Visual Studio. Intel Parallel Advisor will help find sites in the code, which can benefit from the use of parallel processing. Intel Parallel Composer will help to connect quickly means parallel processing in the annex to the C / C - will be used for this special multi-processing library. Intel Parallel Inspector help advance to find errors in applications for multiprocessor systems, and thereby save the time required to debug programs, and Intel Parallel Amplifier is a analyzer productivity applications for search of "bottlenecks" in them. Reported that will be supported by Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, a beta test Intel Parallel Studio is scheduled for November this year.

* Microsoft Corporation has released a new, third of its kind, version UrlScan - a filter to protect the Internet Information Service (IIS) from SQL Injection-attacks. The protection is carried out by HTTP-verification requests to a server and blocking potentially dangerous code. The new version learned to fully analyze the content of HTTP-query, go in it potentially dangerous fragments SQL-code fix magazine in files with formatting prescribed standards W3C.

* The company announced the release WaveMaker WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio 4.0, visual design tool for Web 2.0 applications with a minimum of writing software code. The peculiarity of this software is that the development environment is run directly into the browser window. As a standard database for use in applications based on PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus. Applications created in the environment WaveMaker, deployed in the form of standard Java WAR file on the Java-server Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere. WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio 4.0 are licensed under GNU AGPL v3, developers can also purchase a license for commercial use of the product.

* EMS Software Company has released SQL Manager for MySQL 4.4 - a new version of a popular tool for administration and development database to database MySQL.

* The company announced Dundas Dundas Chart for Reporting Services, SQL Server 2008 Edition - a new version of the package for constructing charts based on data from SQL Server 2008. This version has become the main innovation of intelligent building diagrams - with plenty of baseline data technology Dundas chart automatically splits into four parts based on statistical formulas, displaying information in a more easy to read format. The function allows dynamic reports instead of monthly reports to create a new generation of a dynamic report on the month, which will change automatically when a user to ask him. Built editor code Dundas Code Editor allows to make changes to any parameters diagrams. Furthermore, the editor provides tools for creating corporate patterns that save time when linking generation and debugging of new records.

* The company issued a ApexSQL ApexSQL Code 2008, a new version of application development environment for Microsoft SQL Server. Annex alone will generate the code stored procedures, data access components, elements of business logic, etc. The product can be used to generate code to C #, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL.

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