Tuesday, September 16, 2008

News for developers

* The company Embarcadero Technologies presented CodeGear Delphi 2009 and C Builder 2009, new versions of legendary means to develop Windows-applications. The main innovation was a long time ago expectancy full support for Unicode in the library VCL. Certainly not the only innovation implemented by developers of the Embarcadero. In 2009 Delphi has support Delphi Generics and anonymous methods, C Builder in 2009 - support the standard C 0x. In the library VCL controls introduced in the style of Microsoft Office 2007, added standard modules to work with a graphical format PNG. Now Web-library to create applications with support for AJAX and Silverlight, and in working with the database updated dbExpress-drivers for InterBase, Blackfish SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, IBM DB2, SQL Anywhere, Sybase and MySQL. Also products in 2009 - and an opportunity to line architecture design databases with funds ER / Studio. Sales of new versions of Delphi and C Builder has already begun, but test on the site there is no manufacturer.

* The company Oracle issued a set of plug-ins to develop an open environment Eclipse - Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. It is designed to work with the application server Fusion WebLogic. The package supports the technology FastSwap, which allows developers to make corrections directly into working applications without restarting the application server and even the application itself. Oracle Enterprise Pack also includes tools for working with Web services, XML, Spring Framework, JavaServer Faces, CSS and JavaScript.

* The company released the first version TeamExpand utilities Clone Detective, designed to search for duplicate pieces of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. While utility is free and only supports C #, but in subsequent versions also planned to add the possibility to work with Visual Basic. NET, and Managed C. Backup software code plots allocated a pink stripe, so that their relatively easy to notice.

* The company Mainsoft has released new versions of products to create applications for Java EE, Linux and UNIX with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Branded cross-compiler. NET-Java lets you create your ASP.NET Web applications in the languages of C # and Visual Basic, and then execute these applications on application servers Java EE (supported by IBM WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Application Server, Lotus Expeditor, Lotus Notes, Tomcat ). Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux 5.2 enables developers using the language C, the opportunity to create applications in the environment of Visual Studio 2008, and then execute these applications at any one of 21 POSIX-supported platforms. In Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux 5.2 support an HP-UX 11i v2 and HP-UX 11i v3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

* The company presented FutureIT EZManage SQL Pro, formerly known as EZManage SQL ENterprise Edition, - a tool for database administration and development for DBMS Microsoft SQL Server. EZManage SQL Pro supports optimizing backup, monitoring and disaster recovery databases and, as they say developers of this software allows servers to prepare Microsoft SQL Server to any situation.

* Check out the new Coda 1.5, a new version of web-development environment for Mac OS X, which supports version control system Subversion. Also refreshed feature "Find and replace", which allows users to search and replacement snippets will open all files and files in the selected directory. There are tips for code directly in the main window.

* HiT Software Company has released a new version of DBMoto numbered 6.5. As stated in the official description of this software, it greatly simplifies replication, and migration data transfer between different DBMS. In DBMoto 6.5 developers are invited to increased productivity, more comfortable setting, closer integration with Oracle. DBMoto 6.5 allows grouping assignments for data replication and determine the sequence of implementation, and in case of system failure administrators will also be able to perform tasks resume from the point at which it is cut.

* MicroOLAP Technologies has released a new version of DAC for MySQL numbered 2.6.3. DAC for MySQL - a strong component library to access the MySQL database from Delphi-applications used by many developers in major projects.

* Company Axiom Software released Axiom Stack 3.2.6 - the new version environment for rapid development of Web applications with open source. In Axiom Stack entered debugger and browser objects Axiom Debugger, realized in the form of web-based applications. In addition to open source, the new version had the opportunity to separate encryption and licensing for Java-created modules and applications based on technology Axiom Stack In the new version of the product there is a possibility of linking domain names to the annexes, and debugger Axiom Debugger now included in the package, comprising module Axiom Inspector. Among other things, a new version of the debugger contains language interpreter JavaScript.

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