Monday, September 8, 2008

Programming - it is also creativity

Now, when programmers are looking for the place of work, which will pay more and more, such as sailing into the notion of "interesting project". But programming - this is not the only way to earning money, but also creativity. Or anymore? ..

If you ask programmers, exactly why they chose this profession, it is unlikely to hear in response that they were denied sleep thinking about billions Gates, Dzhobsa and below them. Typically, those who live only thoughts of Financial opt for another profession associated with the money the most direct way - say, a banker. But most of those who decided to link their lives with compilers and debuggers, did so precisely because at the time of his choice of profession was simply interested in messing with the computer and liked to program. But, of course, is among programmers and those who came to the profession precisely for a long ruble - and thanks to worthy of their earnings becomes more and more.

The trend that and say, does not inspire optimism. After all, wishing to earn well in the lucrative field often do not have sufficient skills in the field of programming and, most importantly, do not have the slightest desire to improve standards. It is those people who came to creating the software industry is not vocation, were largely the cause of the proliferation of such phenomena as "bydlokoderstvo" - that is steadily writing bad code. Venture to suggest that these people are also the cause of the poor quality of many modern applications, because they are written such "specialists" who are not concerned with either users or obtained as a result of security applications.

But the biggest damage caused by this category of software is, so to speak, in the true path Disposal those who are calling for a programmer. What I have in mind? Everything is simple. Programmer vocation as a true creator, enjoying the fruits of their work only when work is in line with its own notions of the beautiful. A good presentation of these programmers are more or less all the same - they called "elegant solution" and "beautiful code". Those who went to the programmers not to call the soul, but in the pursuit of money, not tormented for optimal implementation of a delicate moment in the program and certainly will not engage in such nonsense as peredelyvanie working, but poorly read the code. Humans are known to herd animals, and programmers - people too. If the programming team that is dominated nedoprogrammisty (and about why they are there and usually dominate, more), the true programmers (ie class spices) are beginning to feel uncomfortable and ultimately potihonechku down to a level not experiencing their delight Programming from colleagues.

The paradox of the situation is that now works in the software industry is not very welcome. Because software development is often compared with the construction of buildings, I also take this analogy. Are there many of creativity required of masonry, plasterers, malaria and other professionals working directly on a construction site? In principle, even from the foreman of any creative effort is required. From the people are waiting only executive and integrity - it is up to them and depend, ultimately, the quality of buildings erected. In industry programming situation is such that the erection of model buildings involved, basically, people with architectural education - it is believed that without specialists they will not be able to fully participate in the construction. But creativity on the part of these architects somehow categorically not welcome. Head believes this way: if reinforced concrete began creative approach to the preparation of the solution, experimenting with proportions of sand and cement, it is unlikely to lead to better quality homes, which should result in the end. Similarly, and in the software industry - have spent technology, which, as mnogoetazhki in sleeping areas, food stamp program, and if the creative artist prevents this technology, the artist better zasunut this creativity away.

Unfortunately, creativity and technology - are the two poles in the industry programming, and mix them in any proportions accounted for in each project. As the model mnogoetazhek need more than villas on individual projects, while the technology that takes precedence over creativity. If not in quality, then, in quantitative terms, but because programming is becoming less creative profession, and penetration in the industry of people who are interested not so much the process of writing programs, but the amount required in the accounting statements at the end of the month - quite natural phenomenon . And such people are interested employers, because their smaller problems and concerns. Well, all right, that they will not be able to create outstanding software product - in fact, none outstanding products in advance and has no plans as outstanding, and in general ... "Tahiti, Tahitian ... we have not been to any Tahiti, and here we are fed well."

In general, as the saying goes, that certainly is not ugly ... Creativity programmers spills in the stunning open source-products created not for money but for the soul, and, in principle, industry and users virtually nothing to lose from such a situation. But managers and worthwhile to ponder: perhaps the use of architects bricklayers on the ground - not the best way to high profits?

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