Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Samsung. Made in Russia"

Samsung Electronics Company opened first in the CIS plant for the production of electronic equipment. Private industrial enterprise Korean corporation erected on the territory of Russia in the industrial park "Vorsino" in the Kaluga region Borovskom area. So far only completed the first stage of production capacity. It began production of plasma and LCD televisions, and before the end of the year is scheduled for launch in the production of LCD-and computer monitors. In addition, already is building new factory buildings, where will be produced and other electronic products. Russian participants largest trading business, as stated publicly, it is hoped that Samsung will begin mastering the production of mobile phones at the site "Vorsino." Construction of the first plant in Russia Samsung lasted less than a year. So far, the total area allocated for the production of Samsung, is 470 sq. km. m., of which 38 thousand square kilometers. m. took the first turn reflects production designated for televisions and monitors. By December, used a production area prirastet even shop for casting plastic products in 7 thousand sq. m.

Now the number of employees at the plant workers and staff of 670 people by year's end strength will communicate to 1200. So far deployed factory work of the three lines, which until the end of the year will work in beta, but already in 2009 with the plant scheduled to ship 1.5 million TV sets. In doing so, the number of lines expected to bring up to 13, while the level of maximum production capacity (about 2.8 million units per year) plant is expected by 2011. The main products will be LCD image visualization tools. The main market would, of course, Russia. But already referred to the medium term export to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The possibility of supplies to Belarus belongs to a distant time. It is believed that the current tax system Belarusian distributors will be more profitable to import equipment for Samsung continues from abroad. True, the opening of Samsung factory in Russia suggests expanding the grey channel import to Belarus from the territory of eastern neighbour. But Samsung is not afraid of such forecasts, as in many years, shipments of spent logistics, and unauthorized distributors Korean companies will not be able to just come right on the factory warehouses and buy a batch of LCD displays.

The shop SMD-assembly - the pride of the plant. It is automated through SMD-surface mounting components on board rations melting method in convection ovens are the first sign of high-tech production, differ from ordinary modern factory otvertochnoy assembly. Naturally, automatic SMD-line issue flexibly programmed under a variety of models collected schemes. In modern industry produced odnoplatnye SMD-system play a major role bricks for designers and planners radio-electronic equipment.

All necessary SMD-electronic components supplied to the special technological tapes, filed with the facade of the installation. Initially called the smallest electronic components, some of them even difficult distinctively naked eye. Then the tape goes on increasing the size of different types of components, until the big chips and small connectors. Large connectors, radiators, high blocks, power transistors, Chokes very size and other components marked in another shop. Sami charges filed SMD-side installation mounting. At the inlet and outlet lines are special machines, the so-called inspectors, who collected automatically check scheme for defect. If the inspector signals fail the test, indicating the problem seats on the board, then begin monitoring and analysis of the quality of the scheme manually, using a magnifying lens or simply checking soldered joints using stereo. It happens that the machines are too scrupulously carry out their task, but not in any defects. Nevertheless, according to instructions, all that signals inspector, carefully checked. This is - almost the main task operators SMD-line installation. Incidentally, the shop is the most prestigious in terms of the skills of operators. Talented young man, just graduated from technical school, at the operator's office immediately receive a salary, which the staff of radio-electronic industry of Belarus can only dream. Therefore, the factory mass influx seeking employment from the nearest provincial towns. People travel for hours to work on electric, promising to work for a modern factory. However, hi-tech production does not involve too many people for its services. A lot of computers and automation on the line SMD allow to remain unloaded mode service operated with a qualified operator. Nevertheless, the production regulations made, and justified in a position to flow to the line of mounting SMD-served more than three people. By the way, all the major equipment in the workshop production of predominantly Japanese firms Toshiba.

Here it is - otvertochnaya assembly, nab oskominu producers, or vice versa, "glorified" many tehnaryami. So called for the production of radio electronic assembly shop complex. Under the assembly given the greatest area of the factory Samsung, similar to several huge sport. Nothing can you do, SMD-tech production is very expensive and therefore takes up little space, and many products, including power supplies, have already come ready from Korea. You need only "skrutit" them among themselves. And in the assembly shop you can download the maximum number of working under the most cost-effective plan of assembling televisions and monitors, from where all the same components made of blocks. Over a hundred years of industrialization conceptually nothing has changed. By moving conveyor assembly product, which mechanically assembled components of the advance on itemized operations. As a children's designer, when parts of a whole needs to be done. Is that became electromechanical screw, which is very convenient for the qualitative and dynamic assembly in the production stream. The savings, compared with imports of finished visualization of large funds from abroad, no doubt. The photo shows that the factory going Samsung plasma televisions. Despite the fact that during the presentation managers Samsung, mainly talked about the release of LCD TVs with a diagonal 32-inch, and next year - on the development of models with a diagonal of 40 inches, yet at the factory, mainly produce "plasma". Virtually the entire shop on the opening day was busy assembling plasma TVs. LCD 32 - dyuymoviki collected only on one line. The operator at the assembly LCD reported that the plan for them until a small and is only 100 units a day. Such indicators are achieved well before the end of work shift. One must assume that when the plant will be at full production capacity, will not be any downtime, and ready access technology will barely pace with liftings distributor. To find work at the conveyor assembly easier. One takes even without experience in good health and discipline. Two weeks of training, and you - Officer Samsung, although the place of work - in the Kaluga region, that in two hours away from Moscow and the 40-minute walk to the nearest railway station.

Testing at the outlet assembly line. After assembling the TV or monitor all its input connectors are brought video and audio. Quality control is done automatically as well as by the operator on a visual and audible indicators. In addition to the autonomous generators and analyzers signals when testing at the outlet conveyor (on the line were seen brands such specialized devices "SCARN"), with a special tester centre plant, the so-called Signal Room, on the territory of the test also broadcast radio capacity of several watts. Radiant in the shop wireless analog television contains meters and decimetre channels, as well as digital channels with transmitter company Eideng. Also in the center of factory testing and measuring instruments are far more serious level. For example, spektroanalizator Agilent Technologies, worth several hundred thousand dollars. Test modes and channels broadcasting in the Test Center can be quickly and conveniently change, depending on production needs. Thus, testing and adjustment at the outlet assembly line as being on the shades of color and sound of autonomous devices, and at variance image configuration tables, centrally broadcast on wireless radio. The most uncomfortable for Tester (test-control operator at the assembly line) is to work with audiokontrolem and audioregulirovkami. The workplace is continuously kilogertsovoy generation of sound frequencies. Withstand such a monotone irritating noise during shifts without special training and acquire the habit of peaceful relations are very difficult to even. This recognized themselves testers.

The final stage - at the assembly before packing conveyor. The operator checks the quality of assembly and the availability of mechanical defects. This is certainly not the final authority. There is quality control department, where products scrupulously check on all parameters after the departure from the assembly plant. However, this is done, usually selectively. Basically, by the standards it is believed that with the assembly shop TVs may soon come on the market. In the background you can see how packed plasma TVs on the trolley going gruzchiki otvozit at the factory warehouse. Local workers jester, that of all materials and component parts is the only domestic packaging. Exclusively at it and make profits mestechkovye Russian enterprises. Although it is a joke, but, as described in the shops, no electronic components, mechanical assembly products and even Russian-made hardware, not to mention the Belarusian products are not used. All lucky from Korea or overseas partner companies Samsung. At the packed televisions Kaluga plant adhesively respectable label "Samsung. Made in Russia".

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