Friday, October 10, 2008

Google hires state power?

At Russian Mission Internet company Google has a vacancy for a very unusual position for the post-Soviet space - «political representative» (Russia Policy Counsel). As stated in the description of the vacancy, the political representative of the Russian office of Google should be seized «interaction with government agencies and the lobbying interests of Internet companies in the Government». Simply put, the Moscow office of Internet giant require specialist who will be able to effectively maintain a dialogue with the authorities.

It is clear that while the Russian representation of Google information about the new office confirmed the utmost caution. Many IT-experts and journalists, however, have expressed the view that American Internet companies require new - political - tools to further increase the proportion of the Russian Internet market. For Russia and the CIS countries this post until the gimmick, but the West is a perfectly normal to have in the state specialist in government relations - «connection with the authorities» (similar to public relations - «public relations»). The responsibilities of government relations specialist true communion with the state, and industry associations, media, industry experts, partners, as well as lobbying the interests of the company in the supreme power. Just last places special emphasis in Google: a vacancy in the direct text states that the candidate must be built up connection, the Russian government and parliament. Also on the future of Policy Counsel requires excellent knowledge of English, law, as well as excellent personal qualities and analytical context. How many will pay a specialist, not reported, but it can be assumed that much. After all, in Russia «connection» with the authorities has always valued as such. The Russian office of Google, however, officially denied that attempts to «not attracting attention, into the Kremlin». It Zabrovskaya explained Alla, Director of Public Relations Google: «This is not so much about interaction with political actors, but for the settlement of legal issues and work at the intersection of public relations and relations with the State». According to her, the post of Policy Counsel Google has presence in all countries.

Judging from the reaction of Russian Internet companies, they feel deeply offended so forthright action Google. Director of Public Relations «Yandex» Mikhail Ushakov hastened to remind the IT-awareness: «the fall of 2005, Google hired its first lobbyist in Washington, and later - a company lobbying. Apparently, came mainly to localize the project in Russia ». A well-known personage Runet and former president of Technology Rambler Anton Nosik sure that Google vain shy, as is evident today in the interest of establishing personal relationships with government officials. Quote: «denying intention to lobby for the interests of the government, Google is seeking not merely to attract attention. In the job clearly stated requirements for the applicant (the links in the government, known in the press) and its objectives. Google maintains a lobbying actively in many countries: for example, when Microsoft announced its intention to buy Yahoo, Google launched in the U.S. against the first antitrust inquiries. The desire to negotiate with the authorities, not by raising the noise dictated by the peculiarities of local mentality: in Russia there is some intimidation officials in America is lobbying - normal, none of which make no bones about not hide. With regard to the specific interests of Google in Russia, they are clear: today the State is a major and influential player in the IT-market, realizing a lot of programs in innovation, education, development. Participation in such projects potentially profitable. In addition, Google has a problem and accounting for payments to partners that the company would like to solve. ... Google is fighting for world domination on the Internet, and that he is well produced in most countries, except four, which includes Russia. Recently, the company significantly increased its share of the local market by acquiring Internet advertising agency «Begun»: a business expansion has required new measures ». Other market participants, however, believe that Google would be more correct to deal with the legal settlement online environment and its development in Russia, were brokered by the association «Internet and Business» (AIB). For reference: a non-profit association was founded by Russian players largest Internet market is precisely for such purposes. And one of the founding association made and Google. The statute of the organization, among others, described in including the participation of its members in legislative activities. President of Association of «Internet and Business» Alexei Belyaev, of course, assures that the prescribed goals «not remain on paper», and it «is a constant work». Namely: organized a meeting between representatives of Internet companies and government structures, including law enforcement. The main objective of such exercises - to reach a common understanding of the pressing issues - such as piracy, the spread of illegal content, child pornography, and much more. However, the same Belyaev forced acknowledges: «In Google to address some issues themselves no contradiction membership in the association do not have».

There are those who understands and fully accepts the policy of Google. For example, Vice President Mail.Ru Anna Artamonova believes that the deployment of such a vacancy «there is nothing special». Quote: «Participants of any market is always very important to broadcast its position State. Is it for this purpose a special person, special position, whether - all companies interested in the development of the market one way or another engaged in dialogue with the State».

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