Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - AllofMP3 films

The network has a new Web resource offering all those wishing to download the video at an affordable price - site ZML, another offspring of the founders of scandalous known AllofMP3. In July this year, the site AllofMP3, in a database which hosts thousands of musical compositions of Russian and foreign performers, was closed. Claims of Western record companies a long time not to impede resource function, because Russian law does not provide penalties for failure to pay royalties to foreign companies. When under threat of being Russia's entry into the WTO, government authorities rushed to terminate the existence of the resource.

Following the closure of the site just a few hours gave his counterparts, claimed that operate in Russia and strictly followed Russian law. The situation is repeated in that time, in this case, changed only to trade.

Purchase site offers thousands of movies, watching where possible on most devices, including iPod, Zune, and DivX players. ZML refers to the Russian Society for Multimedia and digital networks, and said that the Russian law on copyright. "You can buy movies on our site, if it does not contradict the laws of your country" - calls on the Web resource. "It's quite a controversial assertion, however, does not diminish the responsibility nor the buyers nor sellers," - comment on the situation Western specialists.

The situation is ambiguous. The Russian Society for Multimedia and digital networks, describing their activities, said that "ROMS represents the interests of all Russian rights holders on the world stage in relations with foreign organizations on the management of copyright and related rights, concludes with an agreement on mutual representation of interests". Thus, to defend their rights can only members of ROMS.

In addition, in August this year, Western rights Sony BMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music Group ignored the notice ROMS on the possibility of receiving royalties for the use of music. According to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the rewards should be given to companies to record labels whose music was sold to licensees ROMSa. ROMS calls the situation absurd, as well as western companies are not tired accuse Russian portals of theft, but did not want to put his interest in sales.

Recall that a Moscow court ruled to acquit AllofMP3 owner David Kvasovu ("Mediaservises"). In the criminal case of EMI, Warner and Universal have filed claims for moral damages to each of 5 million rubles. But the court ruled that the existing 2004 law on Copyright and Related Rights does not impose a ban on the distribution of tracks on the Internet. Regulation came into force only on 1 September 2006 - thus Kvasov is not responsible for the crimes committed in 2004.

What fate awaits resource, one can only assume. If Russia will again be under pressure from the West, the resource can be removed, as well as its musical analogue. But experience has shown that this niche will not be vacant long.

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