Saturday, December 6, 2008

News for developers

One of the founders of the company MySQL AB, David Eksmark, announced his resignation from the corporation Sun Microsystems. For several years he worked at Sun Microsystems, holding a number of senior posts: supervised the development, is the head of the internal IT department, responsible for liaison with the community of MySQL. As explained himself Eksmark caused his departure from the Sun as the internal rules of the company: "I hate rules, which I have to follow, and I hate to violate them. Therefore, the preferred option for me is the denial of permanent employment and further cooperation with MySQL and Sun at less formal environment. "

The company Stimulsoft announced withdrawal Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.2, a new version of the famous reporting. In Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.2 fully processed kernel is reporting that caused more than doubling the speed. Radically redesigned interface that is implemented on the basis Ribbon UI. For several dozen existing bar codes have been added: ISBN-10, ISBN-13, Pharmacode, FIM, Jan-8, Jan-13, as well as improve the quality of export Excel 2007, Excel XML, RTF, HTML and much more.

Developer open analogue Microsoft. NET, Mono, announced the release of Mono 2.0. Unlike Microsoft. NET Framework, Mono not only runs under Windows, but also for Linux and MacOS X. The new version of Mono platform supports. NET 2.0, Visual Basic. NET 8 and C # 3.0, including Language Integrated Query. There will developers of a new debugger Gendarme and profilirovschik DTrace, which now can work on the platforms, Solaris and Mac OS X. Regarding the new version of an integrated development environment MonoDevelop IDE, it now supports the automatic completion of the code, and allows you to create an interface more intuitive operation.

SQL Maestro Group has announced the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 8.10, a tool for administrators and developers of databases, using an open database management system PostgreSQL. The new version of PostgreSQL Maestro realized the ability to connect to remote PostgreSQL server via HTTP-tunnel with limited access rights; editor Trigger Editor provides for the possibility of modifying the body triggers; master Import Data Wizard allows you to use the COPY FROM STDIN, which is ten times faster import data. In the settings Database Designer has the option Show hints (show tips), users can also choose the default format images to be used in the export figures.

As reported TheVista, SDK for the "magic table" Microsoft Surface is available for visitors PDC, organized by Microsoft at the end of this month. In a message to Microsoft developers reads: "Hear the unique features of computing at Microsoft Surface, immerse yourself in the visual perception based on the presentation of objects and basic management tools, such as ScatterView, learn how Surface SDK correlated with the means multitouch-design for Windows 7 . Visitors will have access to the Microsoft Surface SDK".

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SAP against the backdrop of global crisis

8 October in Moscow went SAP-Forum 2008, organized by Europe's largest producer of software company SAP AG. As you know, she is developing corporate software for the automation of all internal business processes: accounting, trade, manufacturing, finance, personnel management and warehouses, etc. Among the customers SAP - almost all companies from the list of Fortune 1000, and now SAP is starting to earth and small business (on their classification, is a company with annual sales of at least 10 million euros).

Forum SAP - a traditional event for the business community, representatives of large corporations and partners SAP, but have never before in its history it has not been in such grim circumstances, when all around and just talked about the financial crisis.

The tone of the Forum asked in his opening remarks, Jovan Maryanovich, general director of SAP CIS. He explicitly said it is now forced to deal with the company: "We call customers and say: everything has changed, we do not understand." Among the clients are now enjoying complete chaos and anarchy. The company SAP can offer only one: "In the period of misunderstanding and uncertainty need a good analyst - said CEO SAP CIS. - We offer a system of Business Objects as a real tool to combat the crisis."

In an interview with Computer to "Bobby Vetter, senior vice president of SAP Business Development, explained that the current crisis for the company's most important - to control liquidity, which is to provide quality management of financial flows, as well as transparency in all business processes. According to him, precisely because of those problems cease to exist, many large companies. Bobby Vetter also mentioned the company Business Objects system and compare it with the Toolbar in the race car racing, which accurately track the current state system in real time.

Bobby Vetter inclined to believe that the current crisis - this is primarily a crisis of confidence, and it spreads like disease from one market to another party. Here SAP solutions can hardly something to help: there is no target "level of confidence", but there is a built-in analytical tools for quality management relationships with contractors.

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News for developers

Microsoft has released information about Visual Studio 2010 and development platform. NET Framework 4.0. So far released only those changes that affect Visual Studio Team System 2010 - component VS, which would create a single ALM-space for the entire project. In VSTS 2010 will be enhanced support for UML and DSL, will increase the effectiveness of testing at the expense of special tools designed to deal with difficult reproducible bugs, plan testing, verification of changes in the code. Microsoft Team Foundation Server will have a built-in support for Agile Development'a, improved communication between developers, new visualization tools. Moreover, as assure the representatives of Microsoft, the introduction and management of TFS was greatly simplified.

Nokia announced a package of Qt Extended 4.4 (formerly Qtopia), a new version to develop applications for mobile and embedded devices that are running Linux. The composition of Qt Extended includes 19 components for the implementation of messaging, multimedia support, etc., etc. The new version offers increased opportunities to develop applications for devices with touch screen. In the package included a special framework, based on Telepathy and technologies designed to support the implementation of IP-communications in emerging devices. Also, there's a new tool Qt UI Test, which is designed to automate the process of testing applications.

The company EMS Software has released SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.3 - a new version of powerful tools for database administration and development for DBMS Microsoft SQL Server.

IBM introduced Rational AppScan Developer Edition - a product for testing web-applications and identify weaknesses in the defense in the early stages of development. According to the creators of a tool, it allows you to fulfill all the requirements of industry and regulatory standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition includes the analytical tools, can detect vulnerabilities in source code or code applications skompilirovannom, analyze code in the process of its implementation. IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition integrates with IBM Rational Application Developer, development environment for corporate applications for IBM WebSphere.

Company Altova introduced the new edition of its XML-editor of Altova XMLSpy 2008 - Standard Edition. Annex is positioned as "entry-level product, and offers users the basic ability to see and check the files XML, DTD, XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery and other files as well as basic editing functions. XMLSpy 2008 Standard Edition supports printing, color selection syntactic structures, numbered lines, convolution code snippets.

N software company announced the release of IP * Works! 8.0 - a new version of the package for the development of Internet applications and implementation support for web-communications. IP * Works! SSL V8 adds support for technology SSL, IP * Works S/MIME V8 will help organize a secure exchange of electronic mail, IP * Works! SNMP V8 help communicating with network equipment. The new version of increased productivity components and a large restructuring: there were drafted. NET Edition, Java Edition and ActiveX Edition. reported an update OLE DB-driver for Interbase and Firebird IBProvider various rulers to version, and RC3, respectively. In IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 3 adds support for different code pages (DOS858, TIS620, BIG5, KSC_5601, GB_2312, SJIS_0208, EUCJ_0208); corrected errors in processing OUT-query option, realized the optimization of facilities access to BLOB-data, as well as optimizing the use of internal memory. In IBProvider v2/v1 appeared optimization objects access to BLOB-data and optimization of internal memory.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yandex stop your production of its shares

The biggest Russian search engine and Web portal «Yandex» postponed the primary placement of its shares (IPO) for an indefinite period. First public offering was planned for the third quarter of this year. Now the IPO could take place until May 2009 th, but only if the situation in financial markets will soon stabilize. IPO to be held in the U.S. high-tech NASDAQ stock market in Silicon Valley.

yandexJune 20 «Yandex» even opened its own office in California - Yandex Laboratories, - headed by peremanil one of the top managers caught up in crisis Yahoo. Defectors Vish Mahidzhani was previously directed at Yahoo Search, and until then engaged in the same company Inktomi. Before the first half of 2009, Yandex Laboratories should have been a small representation of staff 10-12 staff. The official purpose of opening representative offices (in the version «Yandex») - to support the search quality. According to the guide, «Yandex» became a company of international standing, and it needs to maintain contact with other major players in this market that is easier to do, while next to them - in the United States.

«Yandex»: the largest Russian-language search engine. Founded in 2000. Owns Internet portal, a daily audience of more than 5 million people. Owners: more than 30% of the shares owned by funds ru-Net Holdings and Baring Vostok Capital Partners, 15% - Fund Tiger Technologies, about 30% - the founders of the company, and 20% - managers and other minority. Revenues company «Yandex» on the basis of 2007 amounted to $ 167 million, while revenues compared with 2006 grew by approximately 130%. The main source of income that was contextual advertising. The ratio of content and banner advertising in the structure of income «Yandex» for 2007 virtually unchanged.

Nevertheless, the amount of money that «Yandex» will be able to attract, through placement of shares in the West, after the crisis had fallen sharply. If the beginning of the year, known as the sum of $ 5 billion, but now analysts caution: if shareholders want to be able to assess «Yandex» least a $ 3 billion, the IPO should be postponed altogether until 2010. Recently, the Russian business newspaper «Kommersant», with reference to a source close to the shareholders of the company, reported that the IPO «Yandex» certainly not take place this year. The shareholders have decided to postpone the IPO indefinitely due to the global financial crisis. This information confirmed sources in the two investment banks, directly involved in the preparation of exit «Yandex» on the stock market. Quote: «From idea IPO« Yandex »did not refuse, but under the current circumstances it is inappropriate. Earlier, sources in the Investbank reported that shareholders «Yandex» intend to move the IPO for an indefinite period if the situation in the financial markets do not stabilize until October ». According to data from other sources, theoretically share «Yandex» could be held until May 12, 2009-first. Another quote: «The company has the right to hold IPO on NASDAQ during the 135 days since the publication of audited accounts. It can be assumed that the current situation in the markets will last approximately six months, that is «Yandex» theory may hold IPO up to 12 May, 2009 ». However, I must point out that the issue (number and value of the shares placed) «Yandex» has not yet been approved. Moreover, the current instability Amount traditional financial instruments to calculate at all is virtually impossible. I recall that earlier this year mandates for organizing and conducting the IPO «Yandex» were Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and «Renaissance Capital». They are now more affected by the transfer date of IPO. By the way, not so long ago in the online media has passed a message that the prominent Russian businessman, billionaire Alisher Usmanov is negotiating with one of the shareholders to purchase 10% «Yandex».

«Yandex» - is not the first Internet company reshivshaya not hold scheduled for this year's IPO. In July, so did the shareholders, which have experienced occupancy in 2009. Despite this failure is widely razreklamirovannogo loud and propiarennogo entering the stock market, the company continues to grow. 29 September, 2008 «Yandex» summed up the second year of full-scale work for its advertising network (RSYA). During the year, the monthly number of conversions of users participating sites RSYA to sites of advertisers has increased threefold. Every day, more than 10 million users see ads Yandeks.Direkta ad network. A little earlier - September 15 - «Yandex» began construction of a new, sixth on the account, data-center - in Ivanteevke. Its opening is scheduled for late 2008. In Ivanteevsky data-center located more than 7 thousand servers. The area is 2500 m2, summing power - 4 MW. Yandex plans to join Ivanteevsky data-center, with its own Moscow optovolokonnym ring. Finally worth recalling that the company «Yandex» entered the recovery in November 2002, the summer 2003rd Board of Directors decided to pay dividends, the first in runet. In summer 2006, a week-long turnover of placing contextual advertising Yandeks.Direkt exceeded $ 1 million for 2006 revenue and net profit of the company rose more than doubled - to $ 72.6 million and $ 29.9 million, respectively. All accounting «Yandex» since 2000 audiruetsya by Deloitte & Touche.

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The computers have complained to Europe

computer historyThe World Trade Organization (WTO) often becomes the latest instance in economic disputes developed nations. But rarely such proceedings relate to companies IT-industry. One of those rare cases occurred relatively recently.

Conflict of interest

This is not completed so far story began in June this year. Then the U.S. government and Japan sent a joint complaint with the WTO. They complained to the European Union, which in their view, charged with manufacturers of computer equipment unnecessary taxes. Specifically, it was about companies that produce computer monitors, printers and cable converters. The reason for the differences is that these groups when importing goods into the territory of the EU duty-free to reach 14%. Interestingly, however, that the major manufacturers of such equipment - China, Taiwan, Malaysia - claims not to the Europeans.

In a sense, the root of the conflict - the International Agreement on Information Technology (International Technology Agreement - ITA), which was concluded in 1996, USA, Singapore and several countries. The agreement provided for a graduated reduction in tax duties on high-tech products and complete their removal from 1 January 2000 At the same time, was defined list of products - it covered more than 90% of all computer components produced in the world. However, in the middle of this decade, officials of the European Union refused to include a number of products in the category of computer. Trying to defend the interests of its producers, Americans and Japanese have about 20 months spent on consultancy talks and negotiations with the Europeans. But to no avail.


International Technology Agreement - International Agreement on Information Technology, which was adopted at the First Ministerial Conference - WTO members in Singapore in 1996. It provided for the gradual lowering of customs tariffs on products of high-tech sector. From 1 January 2000, all countries - participating in the agreement entered zero tariffs on computers and peripherals, as well as associated products. As of April 2008, the ITA joined 70 countries including Russia. Currently, the WTO discussed the issue of expanding the list of goods not subject to customs duties under the agreement. According to experts, ITA allows manufacturers of computer equipment annually save up to $ 5 billion

Controversial duties

The official position of the European Union is this: over the past 12 years computers and consumer electronics went far ahead. As a result, today it is difficult to determine whether to include a product category to the computer. A typical example: EU rules on computer monitors with flat screen TVs fall into the category. The motivation is simple: Most modern monitors allow them not only PCs but also other video sources including television. As a result of the EU flat screens are subject to 14 per cent tax. Same as the approach to printers. Current devices can not only print the text or images, but also send faxes, scan and copy documents. That is «enter the territory» household and office equipment. This means that in Europe are subject to 6 per cent tax. As the calculations, because of taxes on imports of European monitors, printers and cable converters alone, Japanese companies have to spend annually approximately $ 200 million

Meanwhile, the Europeans successfully extract a profit from the controversial tariffs on computer equipment. First, their presence keeps at a high enough level of demand for machinery European manufacturers. Because of the tax, many U.S. and Asian companies or ceased to import into the EU some kinds of goods, or increase their value, offsetting tax expense. In any case, residents of Europe becomes more attractive as European products. Secondly, customs duties, in this case, oddly enough sounds, encourage investment in the EU. The fact is that Europe - the second largest market for computer products (after USA). Manufacturers of computer technology at duties zlyatsya, but withdraw from the market can not afford. And as a result, many high-tech companies of Japan, USA, South Korea and other countries engaged in assembling its products directly in Europe. It creates new jobs and the economy is relatively weak EU countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria) «podtyagivaetsya» to a higher level. If Japan and the U.S. still win in the trade dispute with the European Union, the current tariffs will be lifted. The result could be that thousands of people in Poland and other countries will lose work. International Computer Corporation perenesut their production to other countries where labor and rent worth more cheaply - most likely somewhere in Southeast Asia. But this is only one of the troubles. Another trouble is that while Europe will lose even the few computer industry that there are today.

The main battle front

According to WTO rules, following a complaint by some of the countries participating in the organization formed a special commission - over the 60 days it is conducting an investigation and organizing negotiations between the parties to the economic dispute. It is believed that during this period can be resolved any conflict. But in this case, analysts are united in their opinion: the settlement evroamerikanskogo «computer» conflict certainly be prolonged for a very long time. The reason is that the WTO has proposed to amend the ITA, to expand the list of high-technology products and replacing some language. New language in the future will help to include many kinds of computer products that is in this category, which means, «show» them from the effect of taxes. For example, if a digital camera will be able to send faxes to video and cook coffee, it can not be classified as household appliances. I, of course, utriruyu, but not much. The benefits for large IT-companies from maintaining ITA agreement as it stood was clear. Now the market technology products are finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish one product from another. For example, modern high-definition TV sets can connect to PCs and use them as monitors. A computer monitors are becoming more like television - even their own TV-tuner obzavodyatsya. Thus, that while the wording ITA remain the same, IT-companies can bring their goods to other countries without paying any fees. And Europeans are not happy.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

At Apple - internal crisis

Today, to any outside observer, it is obvious that the company Apple serious crisis of governance. And he was not due to failures and not the world's financial turmoil, but precisely the contrary - stunning success of Apple products in recent years.

apple crisis centereEven in summer and early autumn of this year against the backdrop of excellent sales and elegant financial condition of Apple, just exactly the place the company experienced a few unpleasant moments associated with the sharp fall in its shares. And, revealing, they were all linked to the persona Co-founder and head of Apple Steve Dzhobsa. More precisely, with the state of his health (Dzhobsu about a year ago, removed the malignant tumor of the pancreas). Now is Dzhobsu appear on a person not in the tsvetuschem as rumors start to crawl on his feel unwell. The last time Apple shares have collapsed, most recently, when spread information that Steve took Dzhobsa ambulance with a heart attack. Then, the truth, it turned out that this is hog-wash. But the very fact of telling. Many observers see the reason for such instability that investors remember the crisis of the company after the first resignation Dzhobsa. In a situation Dzhobs did not have to choose a successor as it was removed from the company after a wave of discontent co-owners. Now the business Apple is going well, but as a successor was not, or not. Not surprisingly, the increasingly voices criticizing this state of affairs. For example, a well-known technical analyst Ezra Gotteyl in an interview with the publication of PC World said that the departure of Steve Dzhobsa not be a disaster for Apple. According Gotteyla, «Apple does not need more of Dzhobse. He has developed three successful direction for the company - Mac, iPod, iPhone. In these areas the company is steadily growing. The company has a stable management team, they know what to do ». Indeed, now more and more Apple shareholders believe that business processes in the corporation should be designed so as not to depend on one person. Nevertheless, one, but a very charismatic figure Dzhobsa still largely successful company: any statement about the deterioration of his health sharply reduces the share price Apple. Against this background, increasingly recalls a second Co-founder «apple company» - Steve Wozniak. Formally, it does not work with Apple as much since 1987, but still officer and shareholder of the company. Recently, Wozniak gave great and very much scandalous interviews, which sharply criticized the current industrial policy of Apple.

But it is clear that in fact, criticized personally, Steve Dzhobs - a living embodiment of that very policy. For example, Steve Wozniak believes that the history of religious iPod players is nearing its logical conclusion. And sunset neminuem product and is already very soon. Quote: «iPod very long time, remained number one. Remember: with the transistor radio and the Walkman player was the same, and eventually they did not. This is all popular things: first, they are very expensive, then appear almost everyone, then recede and disappear, yielding place to new, more modern products ». Analysts that tirade about immediately noticed: indeed, the cost of earlier versions of iPod was several times higher than now. The first player appeared for sale in 2001 - when he had the hard disk 5 GB and sell for $ 400. Now for the same amount to buy iPod classic with 160 GB of memory, and the remaining $ 50 to spend on good headphones. However, comparing this with cassette player Walkman, Wozniak, perhaps mindful that the recent decline occurred not because they were «number one», but at the very fast moving consumer tapes from CDs. Now, analysts do not foresee any emergency death flash memory or hard drives, and Apple iPod continues to sell millions of copies each quarter. Do not leave Steve Wozniak on the sidelines and Apple iPhone - one of the latest products, which, again, it becomes cult. Wozniak criticized «closed» smartphone, saying that it prevents end-users. «Users can not receive from the product maximum if it is closed and is based on proprietary technologies». And this statement applies not only to the iPhone, but also to computers Macintosh. After all, they used it proprietary operating system MacOS, a system that all rights to use and copy of which belong exclusively to Apple. Moreover, referring to the iPhone, Wozniak focused on the terms of its distribution, when smartphones «compounded by» long-term contracts with operators. Of course, Steve did not fail to bring a counter-platform Google Android, is based, as you know, in the open code. Questions from reporters about new products Co-founder Apple replied that «no one, even Steve Dzhobs not know what will happen next». «Perhaps, Apple will release minutes iWatch», - joked Wozniak. But a joke that went quite bitter: Apple is criticized for the fact that the company «career» in the highly specialized computer industry, but now «down» to household appliances (for example, Apple TV). On the other hand, Steve Dzhobs repeatedly said that today's home appliances totally computerized, and remain aloof from the process, it would be foolish. Indeed, the same issues and the Microsoft Media Player (Zune), and telepristavki (Microsoft TV).

Another important point - a specific image of Apple. Everyone knows that «Apple Company» (like its products) internal to a «effect deringing», which analysts tend to believe one reason for its success. But, according to Voznyaka similar attitude to product and brand itself is not likely to have a positive impact on technological progress: «I do not like that, it has acquired certain features of religion. If you have a cult you can not change anything. I would like to allow users to decide what devices they want to see in the future. (...) I want our customers challenge us ». I recall that in previous times - in spring this year - Steve Wozniak criticized Macbook Air and Apple TV. Laptops do not like him because of the lack of DVD-drive and support network, and telepristavka - image quality and the fact that he took the film out, you need to watch for 24 hours. And one more nuance. For the first time - at least to my recollection - Steve Wozniak began to comment on the current slowdown in the IT-companies associated with the financial crisis and the prospect of a recession in the U.S. and Europe. Quote: «Perhaps for the entire computer industry it is time to slow down. Twenty years we were in the market, which is characterized by the desire to renovate and upgrade technology. But it is very easy to postpone to a later date against the backdrop of financial turmoil ». Well, speaking of the current Internet companies, Wozniak noted that the value of many of them seriously overstated, which could lead to another collapse similar to that which occurred in 2000-2001. Interestingly, in the words former allies respond Steve Dzhobs? For the final word is still behind him.

AMD: reproduction division

October 7, one of the most famous producer of microprocessors - the company AMD - announced its restructuring, which divided it into two companies. One will specialize in the development and design of chips, the second - to release processors. So AMD intends to reduce operating costs and increase their market share.

amd marketingThe company, which will release a chip, will be temporarily named Foundry Company. AMD, it will have 44.4% stake. Attachments from AMD it would be technology, intellectual property, patents, manufacturing facilities including two production sites in Dresden and related assets of factories. Headquartered Foundry Company will be located in Silicon Valley in the USA. The remaining shares of Foundry Company will be at the disposal of an investment company Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), established by the authorities of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). Advanced Technology Investment Company promised to immediately invest in Foundry Company $ 2,1 billion, with $ 1.4 billion of them will be invested in the organization directly, and the balance will be paid to AMD for some of its shares in The Foundry Company. In addition, ATIC intends to invest in a company for producing chips from $ 3.6 billion to $ 6 billion over the next five years. These funds will be focused on upgrading existing plants in Germany, AMD, as well as to build a new plant for producing chips in the town of Saratoga-Country (New York). In doing so, Foundry Company will be issuing processors, not only on orders AMD. The company also plans to produce chips for other developers and other users. This will allow the company to increase profits that can be directed to the development of new processors. In addition, Foundry Company will cooperate with the IBM Corporation in the manufacture of chips SOI ( «silicon at the detention facility») and 22 nm process. In IBM has been able to welcome the new player market.

Another company from Abu Dhabi - Mubadala Development - also intends to invest in AMD. In 2007, it had already acquired a 8.1% stake in AMD for $ 622 million it now expects to increase its share to 19.3%. In the future, Mubadala Development Company will be able to buy another 30 million shares of the new company. According to AMD Dirk Meyer, the news of the coming reorganization is the most high-profile statement the company in its history. «We will become more financially stronger company in both the short and long term», - summed up Meyer. Seats on the board of directors of Foundry Company will be divided between AMD and ATIC equally. In doing so, AMD will receive 44.4-percent share of the business and ATIC - 55,6%. Executive Director of the new company will Dag Grouz, currently vice president for production of AMD. In previous positions he takes. Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMD Hector Ruiz will also leave his current post to take similar in Foundry Company. After the restructuring, to improve its financial position, AMD focus on designing and developing chips for computers and graphics cards. Total of all actions AMD pay $ 1.2 billion debt, will receive $ 700 million from ATIC and - above all - still $ 314 million from Mubadala Development Company. This is one of the largest UAE investment company controlled by the government. «We are investing in AMD with enthusiasm, and for the first time», - both commented transaction Arab investors. According to market analysts, the current restructuring of AMD and the creation of a new joint venture - this is entirely the result of a strategy, embraced by the leadership of Hector Ruiz. It is anticipated that the restructuring will be completed relatively quickly for such a project - in early 2009. Officials from AMD are not yet comment on all published information.

Does this affect the restructuring of the business of producing video - is also unknown. However, the conversion must still be approved by shareholders and regulatory authorities of the United States and Germany. If that happens, as a result of the reorganization in the world market for microprocessors remains the only major player, independently and develop, and produce the chips - Intel. It would be strange if the Intel Corporation has used the situation and not «uschipnula» its main competitor in the microprocessor market. Almost immediately after AMD announced restructuring, the Intel officially announced that their corporation «had serious questions» to the company AMD on its dealings with the Arab investment firm ATIC. According to press secretary Intel Chuck Malloy, between companies Intel and AMD before the contract was made on cross-licensing, under which AMD Intel pays royalties. As Intel is interpreted as: «Intel has serious questions about the deal because it affects our agreement. Intel Corporation intends to vigorously defend our intellectual property ». According to Malloya, previously at Intel AMD asked the company to disclose an agreement with the investment company Advanced Technology Investment Company, but the latter did not.