Saturday, December 6, 2008

News for developers

Microsoft has released information about Visual Studio 2010 and development platform. NET Framework 4.0. So far released only those changes that affect Visual Studio Team System 2010 - component VS, which would create a single ALM-space for the entire project. In VSTS 2010 will be enhanced support for UML and DSL, will increase the effectiveness of testing at the expense of special tools designed to deal with difficult reproducible bugs, plan testing, verification of changes in the code. Microsoft Team Foundation Server will have a built-in support for Agile Development'a, improved communication between developers, new visualization tools. Moreover, as assure the representatives of Microsoft, the introduction and management of TFS was greatly simplified.

Nokia announced a package of Qt Extended 4.4 (formerly Qtopia), a new version to develop applications for mobile and embedded devices that are running Linux. The composition of Qt Extended includes 19 components for the implementation of messaging, multimedia support, etc., etc. The new version offers increased opportunities to develop applications for devices with touch screen. In the package included a special framework, based on Telepathy and technologies designed to support the implementation of IP-communications in emerging devices. Also, there's a new tool Qt UI Test, which is designed to automate the process of testing applications.

The company EMS Software has released SQL Manager for SQL Server 3.3 - a new version of powerful tools for database administration and development for DBMS Microsoft SQL Server.

IBM introduced Rational AppScan Developer Edition - a product for testing web-applications and identify weaknesses in the defense in the early stages of development. According to the creators of a tool, it allows you to fulfill all the requirements of industry and regulatory standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition includes the analytical tools, can detect vulnerabilities in source code or code applications skompilirovannom, analyze code in the process of its implementation. IBM Rational AppScan Developer Edition integrates with IBM Rational Application Developer, development environment for corporate applications for IBM WebSphere.

Company Altova introduced the new edition of its XML-editor of Altova XMLSpy 2008 - Standard Edition. Annex is positioned as "entry-level product, and offers users the basic ability to see and check the files XML, DTD, XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery and other files as well as basic editing functions. XMLSpy 2008 Standard Edition supports printing, color selection syntactic structures, numbered lines, convolution code snippets.

N software company announced the release of IP * Works! 8.0 - a new version of the package for the development of Internet applications and implementation support for web-communications. IP * Works! SSL V8 adds support for technology SSL, IP * Works S/MIME V8 will help organize a secure exchange of electronic mail, IP * Works! SNMP V8 help communicating with network equipment. The new version of increased productivity components and a large restructuring: there were drafted. NET Edition, Java Edition and ActiveX Edition. reported an update OLE DB-driver for Interbase and Firebird IBProvider various rulers to version, and RC3, respectively. In IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 3 adds support for different code pages (DOS858, TIS620, BIG5, KSC_5601, GB_2312, SJIS_0208, EUCJ_0208); corrected errors in processing OUT-query option, realized the optimization of facilities access to BLOB-data, as well as optimizing the use of internal memory. In IBProvider v2/v1 appeared optimization objects access to BLOB-data and optimization of internal memory.

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