Saturday, December 6, 2008

News for developers

One of the founders of the company MySQL AB, David Eksmark, announced his resignation from the corporation Sun Microsystems. For several years he worked at Sun Microsystems, holding a number of senior posts: supervised the development, is the head of the internal IT department, responsible for liaison with the community of MySQL. As explained himself Eksmark caused his departure from the Sun as the internal rules of the company: "I hate rules, which I have to follow, and I hate to violate them. Therefore, the preferred option for me is the denial of permanent employment and further cooperation with MySQL and Sun at less formal environment. "

The company Stimulsoft announced withdrawal Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.2, a new version of the famous reporting. In Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2008.2 fully processed kernel is reporting that caused more than doubling the speed. Radically redesigned interface that is implemented on the basis Ribbon UI. For several dozen existing bar codes have been added: ISBN-10, ISBN-13, Pharmacode, FIM, Jan-8, Jan-13, as well as improve the quality of export Excel 2007, Excel XML, RTF, HTML and much more.

Developer open analogue Microsoft. NET, Mono, announced the release of Mono 2.0. Unlike Microsoft. NET Framework, Mono not only runs under Windows, but also for Linux and MacOS X. The new version of Mono platform supports. NET 2.0, Visual Basic. NET 8 and C # 3.0, including Language Integrated Query. There will developers of a new debugger Gendarme and profilirovschik DTrace, which now can work on the platforms, Solaris and Mac OS X. Regarding the new version of an integrated development environment MonoDevelop IDE, it now supports the automatic completion of the code, and allows you to create an interface more intuitive operation.

SQL Maestro Group has announced the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 8.10, a tool for administrators and developers of databases, using an open database management system PostgreSQL. The new version of PostgreSQL Maestro realized the ability to connect to remote PostgreSQL server via HTTP-tunnel with limited access rights; editor Trigger Editor provides for the possibility of modifying the body triggers; master Import Data Wizard allows you to use the COPY FROM STDIN, which is ten times faster import data. In the settings Database Designer has the option Show hints (show tips), users can also choose the default format images to be used in the export figures.

As reported TheVista, SDK for the "magic table" Microsoft Surface is available for visitors PDC, organized by Microsoft at the end of this month. In a message to Microsoft developers reads: "Hear the unique features of computing at Microsoft Surface, immerse yourself in the visual perception based on the presentation of objects and basic management tools, such as ScatterView, learn how Surface SDK correlated with the means multitouch-design for Windows 7 . Visitors will have access to the Microsoft Surface SDK".

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