Saturday, July 12, 2008

IT-sector: Practical Magic

How do you think, than even engaged in IT-business figures during the summer, except that count profits in the first half and identifies with the plans for a second? Correct: they evaluate the prospects of markets. And these prospects, I should say, look quite tempting.

The company Vanson Bourne conducted a study during which revealed that 79% of mobile subscribers in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.S. would invest in advertising messages, if the very mobile e-mail-service became free. 62% of the respondents admitted that interested in the opportunities of mobile e-mail-services - even though they themselves have not yet enjoyed. 58% of users stated that tried to use new services, if they were free. For comparison: test services, on the advice of a friend agreed to only 5% of the respondents. In doing so, 98% of users admitted that did not use any service because of its high price. This study has shown interest to users of a new generation of services and their tolerance for mobile advertising.

Meanwhile, the firm The 451 Group issued a report, which experts believe Google raskoshelitsya at $ 10.5 billion to buy the company and Google has recently concluded an agreement with, in which the vendor million paid subscribers have been able to use free online office applications package of Google Apps. That is, trade organizations, marketing groups and support groups can now use the platform with such products Google, as e-mail, Internet voice pager, calendar, word processor, spreadsheet and tools for building Web pages. But analysts believe that this treaty will bring Google does not bode well, since staff has no incentive to move Google Apps. The report notes that companies pay employees for selling software, but they did not encouraged for the realization of third-party products. And in order to control the channel of distributive, Google's need to monitor very firm. At least, experts hold that opinion. Analysts also calculated in what amount can do Google buying Given that market capitalization is $ 8.5 billion, a top search giant will pay 23% of this amount as income from shares, the total of Google will have to lay out the company for $ 10.5 billion With this purchase Google eventually will receive a platform that will help the company compete not only with Microsoft Office, but also with products for content management, intellectual resources and other business decisions.

As the study showed companies Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Norway and Great Britain in the cost of Internet advertising in terms of one user was the highest. For example, spending on Internet advertising in terms of one Norwegian, using the Internet amounted to 133 euros and one British - 121 euros. In Denmark the figure is 110 euros. According to the study, spending on Internet advertising in terms of one Internet user in the European Union average 81 euros. For comparison: the figure for the U.S. equals 92 euros. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, the budget Internet advertising in Europe in 2007 increased by almost 40% over 2006 and totaled $ 11.2 billion The rate of growth of advertising spending in Europe were higher than in the United States. In the United States, spending on Internet advertising increased by 26% to $ 14.5 billion Of the total budget of the European Internet advertising accounted for 34.2% UK, 22.3% more - to Germany. France spent 8.9%. Increased advertising costs attributable to the increasing penetration of broadband Internet access. In Britain to the network through high-speed channel has already connected 57% of residents, and for the Netherlands and Norway the figure is 70-80%.

The magazine Elektronik Tidingen reported that a meeting of representatives of some companies HTC and Sony Ericsson was cancelled due to the fact that the parties are "in the process of merging". This sensational information has not received formal confirmation, but this possibility is considered very seriously by experts. Indeed, Sony Ericsson and HTC have a very strong link in the person of gadget Xperia X1, which produces exactly the Taiwanese company. HTC is considered a recognized expert on the production of smartphones running Windows Mobile. Recently, due to weakening growth in the world economy and the strengthening of the euro profit Swedish-Japanese company has declined considerably. At the same time, the situation is complicated by the desire to Sony Ericsson to expand market share company. With mixed results: while this has led to a drop in the average cost of phones, but Sony Ericsson, on the basis I lost a quarter of its fourth place in the world ranking producers phones, giving his LG.

The Russian hi-tech sector the main news in recent weeks has become AFK "System", announced a reshuffling in the leadership of the MTS. As President Leonid Melamed, MTS replaced Mikhail Shamolin, previously head of Business Unit "MTS Russia". Melamed was able to achieve the goals set for ITT - in particular, to increase the capitalization of $ 20 billion At the time of his departure cellular operator market value was $ 35 billion Mikhail Shamolin will implement new projects. In particular, ITT announced the launch of 3G network in St. Petersburg. In the near future is also expected to launch 3G in Kazan, Sochi and Ekaterinburg. Perhaps these initiatives will increase ARPU subscribers and increase the share of MTS on revenues in the Russian market. By the way, after the departure of MTS, Leonid Melamed went on improving and won the office of President of AFK "system". However, the highest rate of growth at the juncture of spring and summer demonstrated the Rambler. A week shares in the company rose by 6.5% growth for two weeks amounted to almost 25%. Shares Rambler continue to rise against the backdrop of rumours about the IPO "Yandex".

It would be difficult to ignore the social networking market. The increase their popularity is obvious: for example, in a recent report "The state of mobile internet" from Opera Software says that about 40% of all traffic mobile Internet traffic accounted for social networks. However, increasing detected and their systemic deficiencies. Obviously, part of an international audience, at first attacked on the ability of social networks, experiencing fatigue and frustration. A typical example - the recent top shortcomings of social networks, issued the largest U.S. computer magazine PC World. According to the version PC World, the main drawback of social networks - "syndrome sets": you can not decide what kind of social network to use it, so recorded in several. This leads to the fact that every day he spends too much time to read the messages from different networks, which in turn negatively affects the learning, work and personal life and eventually oppresses and annoying user. A second drawback - "useless application", which, as noted in the publication, especially a lot of online Facebook. The user pays too much attention to them, which also leads to loss of time, but also increases the risk of contracting computer viruses. At the third line "rating shortcomings" - too complex interface. Not all social networks easy to understand, and not all users on the fly capture the principle of their work. At the fourth spot - spam coming from unknown, engraved in friends, and the actual advertisements. At the fifth - the need to communicate with strangers and maloznakomymi people. The sixth - the dissemination of pornography. At the seventh - poorly developed mobile interface. At the eighth - the abundance of boring business of social networks - such as LinkedIn. At the ninth - terrible design of most networks. At the tenth - the possibility of viruses and worms.

The company Novell reported its findings in II quarter of 2008 fiscal year (ended on 30 April). Reported revenues of one of the largest suppliers of Linux operating systems for the reporting period amounted to $ 236 million This is slightly higher than in II quarter of 2007 fiscal year ($ 232 million). Now the company's profit amounted to approximately $ 5.9 million, while Novell year earlier loss of $ 2.9 million Novell said that quarterly revenues from sales of public companies platforms (Open Platform Solutions) for the year grew by 31% and reached $ 30 million And $ 29 million of that amount came on sales of OS Linux. Decisions in the field of security in II quarter of fiscal year 2008 brought Novell $ 31 million revenue, up 13% above last year's figure. Finally, revenue from sales of Novell products for managing systems and resources amounted to $ 41 million, which is 15% higher than for the II quarter of 2007 fiscal year. According to the projections of analysts Novell, as a whole in the 2008 fiscal year, the company expects to receive proceeds in the amount of $ 940 to $ 970 million.

If you think that Yahoo and Microsoft calmed down on each other, then do not think: it seems, here we see a lot more interesting. The fact is that U.S. antitrust authorities allowed neposedlivomu billionaire Carl Ikanu Yahoo to acquire shares amounting to $ 1.5 billion Thus, now owned by Ikanu shares of Internet corporations is $ 2.5 billion The next step on his part (this has already announced) will attempt to overthrow the board of directors Yahoo. Buy tickets for the show! Until the court case yes, Yahoo is trying to break into the Russian Internet market by buying one of the local players. In recent weeks delegation American corporation talks with Russian search engine and investors. One of the most probable sites of interest Yahoo experts called "Yandex". In the assessment of market participants, the minimum value "Yandex" - $ 1 billion Managers estimate the company in its $ 5 billion Here, the truth is worth recalling that Google took three years to enter the Russia market. In doing so, Google has opened the Russian representative office, nobody is buying. The company prefers to develop fundamentally through organic growth and buys only small development company.

Apple revises its production plans. "Fruit Company" has already made adjustments to the work of their suppliers involved in assembling players and computers. Namely: the first is prescribed to increase production and reduce - the second. In Cupertino decided that there should be more than 15% increase production players iPod, that will provide summarily 35 - percentage increase in quarterly sales of these devices. In doing so, increase mostly affected the budgetary iPod shuffle and nano, but "tachpodov", conversely, would be collected less. Now difficult to say why the company had made such a step on the model iPod touch. Maybe this could be related to the launch of a new generation of communicators iPhone. Later, his form factor will be applied in the new generation iPod touch, which is expected to launch in autumn. Now the Cupertino begins to reduce the current production models, so that by September not to be in position when approaching a new model and beaten by old warehouses. As for PCs, in this quarter "Makov" will be produced by about 15% less, but this is due to the increased pace I assembly in the quarter that allowed us to create the necessary margin machines. And in early June, Apple began a new promokampaniyu to advance educational sales of computers Mac, which, according to Senior Vice President Ron Johnson company, will become the largest in its history. As part of the annual stock sales to advance educational and training institutions, students can acquire the appropriate model Mac (MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro) and get a free player iPod. According to the forecasts of online publications AppleInsider, this year Apple Mac buyers can provide a free iPod touch, because the cost of promotional player increases from year to year: in 2005 and 2006, these were iPod mini and 2 GB iPod nano worth $ 179 in 2007 - iPod nano 4 GB ($ 199). This year's list of shareholders be reinforced with new Mac laptop MacBook Air.

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