Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IT-sector: relatively quiet season

I begin with the patient topic. The situation in the upper echelons of power Yahoo employees of the company itself is not otherwise called as "chaos". Since the beginning of the year from their posts have already gone 114 top managers, staff and no one believed. Staff crisis, according to analysts, could seriously weaken the position of Yahoo in the market. Ko addition, nearly two weeks ago disappeared executive director of Yahoo Jerry Yang. Its location is unknown, is now operational guidance for implementing President Sue Decker.

Among the most notable figures who have left (or leave) the Internet company - Jeff Weiner, vice president of Yahoo! Network Division, Usama Fayad, head of data processing, Jeremy Zavodny, one of the key developers, Qi Lu, executive vice president in charge of search and advertising technologies, Brad Garlinhays, senior vice president, and Vish Mahidzhani, Senior Vice President Responsible for search technologies.

Analysts company Canaccord Adams both commented on what is happening: "Care of so many key individuals an extremely negative impact on the company's position in the future. These developments will create instability among staff members who abide by these managers. Perhaps this will become critical moment for Yahoo".

In turn, analysts say the company Dinosaur Securities: "The deal with Google to Yahoo beneficial in the short term, but in general, it weakens the position of the company in the market of advertising in search engines. I think that key staff are leaving Yahoo, because they feel in this company that they will fail to realise their talents fully. "

Despite everything that happens in Yahoo plan to reorganize by combining departments responsible for e-mail, search service and the chief portal into a single organization. It is anticipated that this will improve coordination between services companies and groups of global sales.

Now on the other. Humanity has crossed an important threshold: according to research company Gartner, to date the world has been more than one billion personal computers, that is, on one PC for six earth. It is expected that by 2014 the number of computers will double. In fact, more common tool is a hammer that is it.

According to statistics, more than half of all PCs are in Western countries, Japan and Korea. But by 2014 their share will fall only 30%. Developing countries are catching West by the level of computerization, thanks continuously declining price of machines, as well as the active penetration of Internet access and wireless communications.

But other statistics Gartner: this year, users rid themselves of more than 180 million PCs. Some of them will be sold in the secondary market, and part (about 35 million personalok) simply emissions in a landfill.

Internet company Google ahead of Microsoft in the ranking of American companies with the best reputation. This study showed the company Harris Interactive. This year, Google unexpectedly won the top spot in the ranking (in 2007 - was only 4 m - e), and Microsoft moved to first place at 10 - e. I recall that early this June, Google was in second place in the list of the world's 600 largest corporations with a better reputation (ranking leader became a concern Toyota).

According to the consulting firm Lazard, promulgated last week, the company Seagate intends to acquire 49% stake in the joint venture Intel and Micron Technology (such purchase price is estimated at $ 2 billion). Other experts, however, believe that Seagate is more interested in companies such as Hynix and SanDisk. But in any case, this means one thing: players market consolidated in anticipation of a sharp aggravation of competition.

Seagate, Intel and Micron still store their business plans in great secrecy. And maybe, and not decided, with whom he faces in the near future to form an alliance. The more so that competitors have enough: the company EMC, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Xiotech, Western Digital and Samsung are already producing or will produce their own solid discs.

In passing note that Intel Corporation could well leave the market for flash memory because it is not its main interest. By refusing to ambitions of flash memory, Intel will be able to focus resources on its main line of business - manufacturing processors. Such a move would be logical for Intel, even more so that the flash memory market in recent surplus of supply.

Continue on the cases of semiconductor. Nvidia plans to reduce the prices of their video GeForce 9800 GTX. The immediate cause seems to have become more competition from AMD, issued a new graphics card ATI Radeon HD 4850 for $ 199, so that Nvidia simply could not take retaliatory measures.

You'll laugh, but again fined Microsoft. Corporation to pay $ 511.6 million as punishment for violating patents of two French telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent. The Court of San Diego found that the software corporation has used others' intellectual property, developing Outlook and Windows Mobile. In addition, Microsoft has violated a patent associated with the use of stylus in tablet PC, which still must pay $ 10.4 million

The trial lasted a total of five years. A clear case in Microsoft does not agree with the decision of the court and plan to appeal. However, previous attempts to revise the case was unsuccessful and, conversely, increased the amount of compensation for the additional $ 153.9 million

But litigation is not yet over. In the Alcatel-Lucent believe that Microsoft continues to violate their patent of another - it is associated with the format of playing music. In that case, Microsoft was already committed to pay $ 1.5 billion as compensation for damages, but in 2007 - m this decision was overruled by the District Court of San Diego. However, the Alcatel-Lucent will continue to fight.

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