Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mobile crisis following the financial

The world financial crisis in some countries has led, as in others - is about to lead to a sharp drop in consumer demand for various kinds of electronic devices. Simply put, people have become markedly less to buy various gadgets - from mp3-players to digital cameras. Let us try to understand how things in the market of mobile phones.

Mobile CrisisAnalytical company IDC summarized analysis of the global market of mobile phones in the III quarter of this year. According to the results, supply mobile phones in the period from July to September inclusive, amounted to 299 million units, which is 3,2% higher than that of III quarter of last year and 0,4% below the results of II quarter of this year. A decline in sales of cellular phones Analysts attributed the financial crisis in the United States and Europe. First place in the list of the largest suppliers of mobile pipes continues to keep the Finnish company Nokia. Last year, Nokia supplies mobile phones rose by 5,5% - to 117.8 million units. The market share of Nokia, on the basis of III quarter was 39.4%. Second place with 17,3% stake in South Korean company is the Samsung, have put in the period from July to September, 51.8 million phones. Quarterly growth in sales of vehicles for the year Samsung has reached 21,6%. Encloses three leaders Sony Ericsson, the position of the year virtually unchanged. In the past quarter, the company supplied 25.7 million mobile phones, which corresponds to 8,6% of the market. Motorola with a market share of 8.5% now takes only the fourth line the list of the largest suppliers of mobile phones, while about one and a half years ago, was in second place. In the last quarter of Motorola had 25.4 million phones. Closes five LG Electronics, whose market share last quarter was 7.7% (23 million cell phones sold).

By the way, on Motorola. Net loss for the 9 months of this year rose almost 4-fold - to $ 587 million against $ 149 million for the same period a year earlier. The volume of sales dropped during the period by 15% to $ 23 billion, while in January-September 2007 on the rate was $ 26.98 billion According to the results of III quarter of this year's net loss the company made $ 397 million, while a year earlier was recorded profit of $ 60 million Revenues for the period decreased by 15% to $ 7.48 billion (a year earlier the rate was $ 8.81 billion). In III quarter Motorola sold 25.4 million phones to 28.1 million quarter earlier. Beginning in March, appeared regularly reports that Motorola intends to split into two separate public companies: the production of mobile phones and to provide broadband and mobile business solutions. The division was scheduled for completion in the III quarter of 2009, as now declares Sandzhay Jakarta, soispolnitelny director of Motorola, is responsible for the fate of the mobile unit, by which time the restructuring is likely to not complete the work. The company also reported that the first Motorola phones on the platform of Google Android will not appear before 2009. On the contrary, are excellent cases in Samsung. In III quarter of this year, the South Korean company has become a leader in the number of cell phones sold in the U.S. - the data analysis led the company Strategy Analytics. At the end of III quarter of this year the market share of Samsung mobile phones amounted to U.S. 22,4%. In the second place fell Motorola, won 21.1% of the market. Seller number 3 cell phones in the U.S. on the basis of III quarter was the company LG, won 20.5% of the market. The proportion of Nokia at the U.S. mobile market is equal to 8,4%. In accordance with the data analysis company Canalys the market share for the year Nokia smartphones in the world market has decreased from 51,4% to 38,9%. The share of manufacturers such as Apple and RIM, in the III quarter of this year accounted for 17,3% and 15,2% of the global smartphone market, respectively.

In Russia - their problems. In the largest dealers of cellular phones have problems with the sale of cell phones on credit. The reason - banks tightening procedures for issuing consumer credit people in connection with the crisis. The decline in credit sales technique was observed in September. It tells Eugene Chichvarkin, chairman of the board of directors «Euroset», «sales fall at all, it is sufficient to severely tightened scoring (system for assessing the credit quality of the borrower)». Sales on credit in «Euroset», he said, fell by about 50%. The total turnover in Russia's largest mobile phone retailer in 2007 was $ 5.64 billion, or 13 million phones. Other companies say that the watch is also almost double the reduction of sales. Nevertheless, the majority of clients who have problems with credit, all the same gadgets bought for cash. The problem is that loans for the purchase of consumer electronics (the same cell phones) are bezzalogovymi, analysts believe. As a retail provider, and even more so in the home, which had recently been increasingly competing with the provider on its own field, the percentage of credit purchases in recent years has grown continuously. In the same general conditions of economic uncertainty, when many fear losing their jobs, borrowing has become less psychologically comfortable. In addition, the buyer will definitely relate to the selection of a more meaningful, giving preference to the budget model.

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