Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Panasonic + Sanyo =?

Two of the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics - Panasonic Corporation and Sanyo Electric - are preparing to merge. While correct to say that Panasonic is planning to buy Sanyo Electric - the transaction must be completed before the end of the year. However, interestingly, the two companies announced the opening of negotiations, only a couple of weeks ago - that is, everything will happen very rapidly. The company has already established a working group which will discuss the details of upcoming transactions.

Panasonic SanyoIn this regard, experts note that the main interest for Panasonic Sanyo represent developments in the production of batteries, as well as exclusive solutions associated with mass production (logistics, etc.). If the transaction is successful, Panasonic will be able to become the largest manufacturer of electronics for the Japanese market. Annual income of the combined company will exceed 11 trillion yen ($ 112 billion). According to danym, Panasonic intends to repurchase shares Sanyo, owned by Japanese banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking and Daiwa Securities SMBC, as well as the U.S. Goldman Sachs. Moreover, as explained agency Bloomberg, after the completion of the transaction Panasonic has no intention of changing anything in the Sanyo: the company will retain its name and its staff - jobs. According to several Internet media, Panasonic Corporation has already secured the support of top managers of a competitor. It is now up to the board of directors of Sanyo, after the meeting that the company intends to announce that, in principle, agreed to the deal.

Panasonic will be able to then proceed to a financial assessment Sanyo and begin formal negotiations with three of its main owners - banks, Daiwa Securities SMBC, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Goldman Sachs. The point is that in 2006, Sanyo, incurring heavy losses, they sold the preferred shares, which amount can be converted almost 70% of ordinary shares. Analysts and customers welcome the merger of Sanyo Electric. «Sanyo is in a strong position in the market for the production of batteries, including lithium ion batteries. If the companies merge, the business will become even stronger », - FT quoted a recent statement by Mitsuo Kinosity, Executive President of Toyota Motor. These batteries are used, inter alia, in the car Prius - hybrid model produced avtokontsernom. Meanwhile, the merger of Panasonic and Sanyo Electric will inevitably entail a redistribution of the world market of consumer electronics. It can be assumed that most of these developments affect of Sony and Samsung, which has so far also controlled large segments of the market.

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