Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Apple.comWhere can I get the default Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard Wallpaper?
currently i own the iphone 3g so Q-1 is it worth upgrading? coz my phone give alot of problems? upgrading for 3G S? oh and heres what im talking about U.S site first page post and Q-2 Survey will you upgrade to it just - Yes or No or is not accepted lol pce chill.

So any of you guys are interested buying iphone 3G S? and BTW extra quest?
On the iphone 3GS Guided tour there is a game shown, an app, at the time 1 min 40 seconds. what is this game? free or paid? easy 10 points

Apple 3GS Guided Tour Question. App?
Do you think that the iphone 3g(s) is worth the upgrade from the orginal iphone 3g? I was checking out some of the specs and it seems that there is no major upgrade not found in the 3.0 update worth purchasing a new phone... What is your opinion?

NEW IPHONE 2009! Unvieled!! Poll for your opinion?

Apple.com slashed the price of Iphone to $99 today, does that $99 includes contract from AT&T or not?

Are you happy with the newly updated iPhone?
check it out at they have it now.. it has 16gb and 32 gb.

have you heard about the new iphone 3g s?
I really need to know. i am shopping around for an ipod touch, and so far i have found amazon.com, apple.com, and dhgate.com. i want to know if i can safely buy an itouch there.

Is dhgate.com a trustworthy site to get new, working items?
and why please.

Which camera is better?
I want an ipod touch refurbished 8gb second generation. Says $170.00 on, but i want to know the cost adding taxes? i live on the east side if u need 2 know that U.S.A.

How much is a Refurbished 8gb 2nd generation including taxes?
Here are some cool iPod touch apps!: Portal

Dethroning a [Lich] King
Dethroning a [Lich] King. June 9th, 2009 by Ed Penano. View comments Leave comment. Wrath of the Lich King. Interactive Entertainment. Or, simply - Video Games. Its BIIIG business, but it does have its moments. ...

Como o Spotify se movimenta para atrair um público alternativo ...
Spotify, serviço que distribui de graça serviços de música, anuncia um novo acordo com a Ditto Music.

Safari 4 wyszła z fazy beta - vBeta.pl - blog o internecie, baza ...
Pod koniec lutego tego roku na rynku pojawiła się nowa wersja Safari 4.0 oznaczona symbolem beta. Zadziwiła chyba wszystkich swoją funkcjonalności i przede wszystkim szybkością dzi.

Safari 4.0 Final
Here are some of the basic features. Top Sites See your favorite websites at a glance. Open one with a single click. Cover Flow Flip through your site history or bookmarks like you flip through albums in iTunes. Full History Search ...

Spencer Tweedy's Blog
Jun 8, 2009. So, in the midst of the 7th grade trip and raving about Spock, I tote-uhlee forgot to talk about the weekend! And last weekend! Wooo I'm a little bit behind.. Last weekend was great. Henry, Hayden, and I went to Great ...

DeRamos.org: Waiting for 2010 #25: Google Is (Was) Slow Today
Something is up with many users' Googling experience today. Appropriately enough, Google News loads slowly and (at last check) does not mention today's Google Empire sluggishness. A usually mundane Google search with Firefox's Google ...

Nick's Blog: iPhone 3GS
Well, the new iPhones have been announced. I've always told my friends that it was unlikely that Apple would add enough features to make me upgrade from the iPhone 3G. And especially since it turns out that they're going to charge more ...

Apple updates MacBook Air
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Cactus I.V. » Blog Archive » N.O.D Britney Spears
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