Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The fight against piracy - a utopia?

While the world celebrated Christmas and New Year, fighting against piracy are not sitting idly by. As, however, and the pirates, who continued to download and distribute copyrighted content, despite the holidays. Let the new year once again to look at which has already become a familiar standoff holders and thrifty consumers - in the light of recent news from the "front".

Which began the year was marked by news from France, just relevant to the fight against the illegal distribution of content protected by law. There, however, has not been anything out of the way - only a government of France had postponed putting into effect an anti-piracy law "three strikes", allowing the disconnection from the Internet those French citizens who were last seen in the downloading of content prohibited. Let me remind you, the law provides for the delivery persons noticed in violation of copyright warnings. If after two acts of illegal copying protected content the user will be decided at the third attempt, then it will disconnect from the Internet. The reason for cancellation, according to an authoritative edition of the Ars Techica, lies in the fact that the French National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) has concluded that the law might violate a number of inalienable rights of French citizens. And as long as there is no confidence in solving this problem, because the new law does not enter.

What exactly did not like the commission in the bill? The fact is that in its present form the law requires to obtain information about the actions of subscribers from providers that offer pirates to access the World Wide Web. CNIL therefore interested in technical details of getting information from service providers - namely, how to be chosen from all users of potential violators, what data are collected, they are archived and stored, etc. Depending on the information provided on these issues, the commission may either approve, or "wrap" a new anti-piracy laws. But in any case, a thorough study of all aspects of work with the user data from the commission will take at least several months.

In general, in civilized Europe, putting the question as the rights of the offender, no one is not surprising. It is sad to observe this, but we have a bill of this kind are unlikely to have caused any additional questions from anyone else. However, it is not about that. Protection of personal data of potential offenders - certainly not the only one of those problems to be faced by proponents of copyright in the early stage of implementation of such laws. It is obvious that the technical difficulties encountered in the way of the first versions of anti-piracy legislation will be overcome. What's next? Will the similar laws really stop piracy?

There is no definite answer. However, the fight - it is always a process, against the desire to download anything "on a freebie" to win the final victory, apparently, quite impossible. Therefore the laws - just one way to make the pirates even more inventive and resourceful. However, it is true not only about anti-piracy laws, but virtually everything the law.

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