Tuesday, February 9, 2010

$500 for a bug in Chromium

Under the new program to address the vulnerabilities, Google has announced the payment of remuneration to $500 for every bug in Chromium. If you find a really dangerous vulnerability, the fee will rise to a round sum of $1337 (generally known passion for Google to round numbers).

If you literally read the rules, then the bug must be really dangerous, that is a series of small bugs that lead to potential vulnerabilities are not considered. Bugs operating system, too, are not paid, even if the OS does not close the hole and the patch have to do in the browser.

On the other hand, Google noted that the interesting and unusual bugs will be paid in any event, even if they are not critical.

In general, such a concept is not new and has long been used in Mozilla. According to some commentators, the cost of $500 seems low, because a working exploit can be sold to spammers several times more expensive.

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