Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Protection PS3 hacked

American hacker George Hotz said that managed to hack a game console PlayStation 3 (PS3), manufactured by Sony. Hotz - the same hacker who in 2007, at the age of 17, broke down the iPhone, which the U.S. initially worked only in the network AT & T. As a result of hacking has become a cult communicator can be used in any network.

Now Hotz claims that the PS3 hacking took him five weeks. According to the hacker, for some time he needed to "fine-tuning" of technology, after which he will publish all the details of hacking on your site.

But now we know: George Hotz hacked PlayStation so that the owners 'opening' of the device were able to download pirated copies of games consoles, as well as their own programs. Hotz himself wrote in his blog: "It is supposedly not be cracking, but there's nothing they can not be hacked. Now I can do with this system, all I want. It feels like I got some great power, but not I know how to use it. "

Until now, PS3 was the only gaming device, which failed to crack - and this for three years of market presence. In one of his online interview with George Hotz said he began to breaking even in the summer of 2009-th and the first three weeks devoted to the study of hardware and game console. After a long break, he paid hacking the console for another two weeks. According to his confession, "the system has a very good defense." In the words of a young hacker, hacking into his scheme, 5% plays the role of iron, and 95% - the software. In order to create a gap in the protection, use the iron, and then from that you can go further. "

Hotz also recognizes that it is not able to crack the system entirely - so it remains inaccessible to the protected memory boxes. However, an attacker could fool the console and make it do what it needs. And most importantly, that he plans to publish the web, this "root key" console, that is a master code. His knowledge of other technical specialists will facilitate the final transcript and hacking established until protection systems.

George Hotz finds that, when work on cracking the PlayStation 3 will be completed, its owners will be able to install the console on different operating systems and play at her own game. In addition, the breakup will give owners the opportunity to play on this console discs, intended for the previous generation of consoles - PS2.

Hotz himself claims that he is motivated by "curiosity and desire to open platform." "Truthfully, I never really did not play on the PS3. I've got one game, but I do it almost did not play" - he says.

But representatives of Sony has just discreetly stated that "the company is examining the statement and clarify the situation with the receipt of more complete information".

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