Monday, March 1, 2010

Data Centers cool wind.

In the north-east of England, near the town of Billingham, commissioned data center with a unique cooling system that uses an icy wind from the North Sea. Climatic conditions are such that the wind was blowing steadily and constantly, and almost always in one direction. For the ventilation system is the ideal environment. Data Center Wynyard built by the contractor for EDS, HP.

Data CentersAir flows from the air first passes through filters (I wonder how they filter the salt air?), And then eight 2.2-meter fan, they come directly to the server rack. Thus, in the working room data center maintains a constant temperature of 24°C. When the wind gets too cold in the ventilation system of its slightly warmed by heat exchangers which remove heat from the servers.

In windy data center, just in case, provided the usual fans, which are activated in the absence of wind. That is not one hundred percent "green" project: for example, Google and Microsoft has data centers in general, without fans.

Energy efficiency Wynyard is 1,2 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), that is, for every 1.2 watts of power equipment consumes 1 watt of cooling. This is the most energy-efficient among all data centers HP. In conventional data centers figure is 2 PUE, and in the most energy-efficient buildings last time - not less than 1,5 PUE.

Announcement of environmental data center Wynyard held a year ago, and now its construction has been completed. The building has a working area of 8100 m2.

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