Monday, March 15, 2010

Day again become shorter.

The earthquake in Chile, a magnitude of 8.8 points the Earth's axis shifted by about 2.7 milliarksekundy, ie 8 cm and the length of Earth days decreased by 1.26 microseconds. These are the modeling results conducted by NASA experts. This is not so much when compared with the more powerful 2004 earthquake near Sumatra, a magnitude 9.1 points. Then night fell by 6.8 microseconds.

With the help of instruments is practically impossible to fix these microscopic changes, but they can be a high degree of reliability model. In strong tectonic shifts change the distribution of mass in the volume of the globe, which affects the rotation of the planet.

According to NASA, the displacement of the axis - is not the only consequence of the earthquake. For example, a small island of Santa Maria near the second largest Chilean city of Concepcion could easily rise to two meters above sea level. At least, as a result of past earthquakes, he was raised.

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