Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The heyday of spy-mania.

Tell me, you will be pleased to know that after you spy on... that is, excuse me, are a tacit observation? Presumably, this is unlikely and that the vast majority of readers against espionage. Meanwhile, there is often a dilemma: what is still more important - privacy or the security provided by surveillance?

spy-maniaThe dilemma that arose repeatedly throughout the existence of mankind, but the information technology, we can say, brought her to the hitherto unattainable heights. That in itself is, in principle, it is quite understandable: after all, to follow someone else has never been so easy as now. And it is not just about the notorious spying on the actions of users on the Internet: now with the hype around it, many forget about such "childish" ways as cameras, keyloggers and other such things.

Last week, the tops of news sites got a news intimately connected with the universal spy mania (although probably correct to say, shpionofobiey). The parents of one of the students from Philadelphia unexpectedly found that school leadership can remotely activate the camera on laptops issued to students under the federal education program, which immediately provoked a storm of indignation and protest in American society. As it turned out so that each of the 1,880 students who received at its disposal a laptop (for it should say thanks to the program "One-to-One", which is funded from local and federal budgets) could potentially be under the supervision of their schoolmasters.

Parents of a schoolboy who scored the first alarm at the school of espionage, saying that he first learned that their home "settled" a spy, after their son was in school for the remark "inappropriate behavior at home." And the remark was not just gratuitous: evidence of "improper conduct" were pictures taken with built-in laptop web-camera. Based on these images, the parents of the teenager, of course, outraged to the depths of the soul and demanded an explanation from the administration of the school. Deputy Director of the school, must pay tribute to her, did not conceal anything, and immediately confirmed that the leadership of the school really has all the possibilities for creating such images.

The boy's parents say that when the latter issued a laptop, no one warned him or them that school authorities will be able to monitor their student at home. Once the student's parents filed a lawsuit in the leadership of the school, revealed that in fact this feature is intended to search for stolen or lost laptop.

As you can see, in this case, the cause of the conflict has exceeded its authority in school management to use the tracking system, rather than the mere presence of such functionality in laptops issued to students. What, however, does not change the most fundamental motive underlying the conflict. After all, if the opportunity is, there is always someone to use it, and among those who take advantage, necessarily will be found and those who make it unacceptable to the other way. The very same question that is more important - privacy or security - remains open...

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