Monday, March 1, 2010

Microsoft is a platform Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 SeriesAt the event, Mobile World Congress 2010 company Microsoft Microsoft introduced a new software platform - Windows Phone 7 Series. I must say that renaming the Windows Mobile OS in Windows phone contributed not only sophisticated marketing. The fact that the new version of mobile OS is truly different from its predecessor. Almost from scratch rewrite of the interface, it is more informative, it appeared a large number of dynamic elements that, although a negative impact on performance. Full documentation for developers yet, but it is clear that the majority of applications designed for older operating systems will have to be rewritten. At the core software for Windows Phone 7 Series is. NET Compact Framework, is also supported by technology Silverlight (an alternative to Flash from Microsoft). Special emphasis is placed on the operating system in a number of integrated services: a set of preinstalled applications to work with blogs and social networks, Windows Phone Hubs, combining similar content from the Internet gaming service Xbox LIVE, Marketplace, etc. Each device that is running Windows Phone 7 Series, will be a separate button to switch to Microsoft's search engine Bing. Unfortunately, announcement did not signify the completion of the platform. Production of smartphones running Windows Phone 7 Series, will only begin to Christmas, and during that time the situation will change: for sure Google will release a number of versions Android, will go on sale the next generation iPhone, Samsung is actively promoting Bada OS, and even Symbian^3 is also impossible underestimate the (already has information on the first working under this OS smartphone - Nokia X10), and whether Microsoft's platform to the end of 2010 this innovative and relevant, what is now, time will tell.

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