Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bioprinter help from burns.

A group of scientists and physicians from Wake Forest University in North Carolina found an unusual use of traditional ink jet printer. The modified inkjet printer to use for application to the wound solution, consisting of skin cells and stem cells. As shown by experiments on mice, the wound is treated with such an unusual way to completely heal within 2-3 weeks, while the control group healing lasted 5 weeks and leave visible scars. "Ink" for the printer are made from skin cells the mouse itself, reproducing in the nutrient solution and then mixed with stem cells. Now scientists plan to test the new technology of healing wounds on pigs and then to obtain permission for clinical trials. If tests are successful, then a new application of inkjet printing can make a real revolution in the treatment of burns. After all, statistics claims that now the victims of extensive burns, in most cases die within 2 weeks of infection, if they do not produce skin grafts.

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