Saturday, April 3, 2010

CERN - a threat or danger

The initiative group of European and American citizens on the leadership of activist Sarah Connor conducted its own investigation into the activities of the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, and believes that this organization can be a danger to everyone on this planet. Recall that the last few years, the hype in the media and Internet about running the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN arose repeatedly. In the opinion of concerned members of the public launch of the most expensive and large-scale scientific instrument may pose a threat to the existence of mankind, because the accelerator can be suddenly created black holes or strange matter, one way or another capable of destroying the earth. The information that is going to publish Sarah Connor, but argues that these fears are likely unfounded. Moreover it is likely that these accusations were CERN through nominees put forward by the organization itself, to divert public attention from the true state of affairs. As is known, for processing data from LHC, a global network of GRID, consisting of hundreds of powerful computing clusters, combined with high-speed data lines. According to Sarah Connor, it is this network and is the main source of threat, since it must be artificial intelligence, which further enslave or destroy the population of the planet.

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