Thursday, April 22, 2010

GTA in real life.

There is ample evidence that good driving simulators improve the skills of driving a real person and a great experience virtual racing is able to save lives in emergency situations.

In the computer game, few choose the type of cabin. Usually we choose a third-person (just behind and above), so it looks more colorful. But is it possible in real life to manage a real car with this angle? It turns out you can. You are literally transported into a computer game, without leaving your car.

The guys from Rooster Teeth of the project decided to conduct real-world experience. They consolidated the HD-camera on the back of a pickup. The driver had been pasted over windshield and side windows, and he drove his vehicle solely on the picture with the camera.

The experimental badly handled the task. Perhaps, instead of booster should be given to them by a joystick on the Xbox 360.

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