Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mozilla displeased the authorities of Germany.

It's no secret that recently the German authorities advised citizens to their country to renounce the use of Firefox. This is because of the vulnerability discovered in the browser through which attackers can easily infect a user's computer virus - it is enough just to go to the infected site. Built Mozilla Firefox quickly took action and released a new version of the browser - 3.6.2. Developers are being told that in this version of vulnerability eliminated.

However, Mozilla interesting is the reaction to the actions of the German authorities. As stated by the representatives of developers, creators of the browser have been very unhappy and even offended by calling officials in Germany to stop using Firefox. According to Mozilla, such action does not contribute to the development of IT-business in the states of Germany. The company even threatened to and did leave the German market in the event that such repeated. Well, very good that at least some of the developers are not afraid to stand up for their rights.

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