Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News for developers - 9

With the release of iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Inc. updated the software license agreement iPhone-developers, prohibiting the use of sub-transmission and compatible development tools, reports Kompyulenta. Prohibition applies, inter alia, on Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Microsoft Silverlight and Novell MonoTouch. They can no longer be used to create iPhone-programs that can be placed in the App Store. If Apple had to block those applications that developers turned to undocumented functions, but now not even allowed third-party frameworks and development environment. It is worth noting that the ban affected not only "a passionate lover" Yabloko "Adobe Flash, but those frameworks that are designed for cross-platform programming JavScript and HTML for mobile devices, for example, Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap. It appears that iPhone-developers getting tighter difficult times...

Company Stimulsoft "released version 2010.1 software products Stimulsoft Reports. Stimulsoft Reports includes a report generator. NET, ASP.NET, WPF. It had a unique opportunity to check a report on the problem. After checking the system not only reports errors compiling, but also gives numerous recommendations and warnings about various aspects of the audited report. Many of the problems identified can instantly correct the proposed method. Check report can within report designer, and with a special utility - Report Checker. Introduced a new element type in the data dictionary: "Business Objects. Now, working with business objects will occur directly, without falling productivity and problems with conversion. Stimulsoft Reports also supports the format of PDF/A. It is designed for long term storage of documents and is based on the format of Adobe PDF. The new version added a lot (over 30) of geometric primitives, as well as new themes.

Microsoft has supported the initiative of its employee Garrett seracs called CoApp (Common Open Source Application Publishing Platform - a single platform publishing applications with open source). Draft CoApp provides a unified package management system for Windows similar to those known in the Linux world, technologies such as RPM (for Linux distributions based on RedHat and structurally similar) and APT (for distributions based on Debian). Similarly, the package management system in Linux, the platform will CoApp single mechanism for delivery and installation of pre-packaged libraries and applications. Also in the CoApp planned to implement the resolution of dependencies between packages (the definition of the required components for work already selected packages), and automatic updates. Thus, the technology CoApp can be a powerful tool for system administrators who want to quickly set up something like ligament WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) for Web server or for developers who have decided to port their Linux-application on Windows.

Company JetBrains has submitted a preliminary version of the first commercial version of its new development environment PhpStorm & WebStorm 1.0 Beta. It is designed to create web applications using PHP on the server and standard Web technologies HTML/CSS/JavaScript on the client side. The beta version of a combined development environment PhpStorm & WebStorm 1.0 gives developers a lot of interesting possibilities. Along with the enhanced tools for editing code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, WebStorm package includes improved mechanisms for further work with the code, including automatic synchronization of changes to remote projects using the protocols FTP/SFTP. Other tools for source code in PHP, implemented in the package PhpStorm become much more mature than the original version presented in a development environment IntelliJ IDEA 9.0, published last fall.

The Java Deployment Toolkit was found a serious vulnerability, says Linux.org.ru. Starting with Java 6 Update 10, a custom version of the JRE includes the Java Deployment Toolkit, is set as a NPAPI plug-in and ActiveX control. Among the methods of Java Deployment Toolkit, available from JavaScript, is the method of launch (). Everything he does - passes a URL to the registered handler for JNLP files. Since checking the transmitted URL is minimal, javaws.exe can run unintended way. For example, you can, using the parameter-J, to run arbitrary, including remote JAR-file. This vulnerability was discovered Tavis Ormandy. Moreover, in the java/java.exe was discovered undocumented parameter-XXaltjvm, allows you to specify an alternate library instead of the standard. This option is available through the referred-J in javaws/javaws.exe.

"Yandex" has opened in API Yandex.Maps technology "active area", which previously used only for their own projects, resources, according 3DNews. The objective of this technology - to enable the map to a large number of active tags. "API Yandex.Maps" allows you to skip the standard way of not more than a thousand marks, while adding a larger number of tags a user's browser begins to run noticeably slower. The theoretical limit of the new technology is in the hundreds of thousands of active tags on the map.

According to a company TIOBE Software April's index of the popularity of programming languages, Delphi confidently keeps busy in February 2010, the 9 th place, according to DelphiPlus. Compared with April last year, he rose from 11 th to 9 th place. However, since 2001, the peaks of popularity of Delphi were in 2004: 12 th January and 7 th of August.

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