Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not a word about Google!

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The war between the Chinese authorities and the corporation Google, the rapidly flared up earlier this year, continues. In the Celestial restrictions on mentioning the U.S. internet giant in the press. More specifically, the national Chinese media special order limited in what they write about Google. In particular, the first order "recommended" not to mention the conflict in the business, but in a political context. But behind him followed by a second indication in which the government "strongly requested" the press in general did not report on Google.

One of the first affected by the actions of the Government of China was a journalist edition New Yorker Ken Auletta. He is known as the author of Googled: The End of the World as We Know It. In the U.S. the book was published last fall, and recently the right to translation and publication of this work was sold to state-owned China Citic Press. But now it is clear that in China, the book probably will not work.

Ken Auletta himself on this occasion said: "I'm disappointed, if not outraged. I do not know where to begin to address the Chinese government. It's sort of faceless. To whom to appeal?" It's like "1984" Orwellian".

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