Saturday, April 3, 2010

Robot for thinkers.

Smart thinking by themselves in the head do not come" - with such a statement recently made by representatives of the University of Washington. During a series of tests the researchers managed to prove that the emergence of smart ideas in the mind of man will certainly contribute scratching his head. How to assure the researchers, the tests prove conclusively - fans scratching or even just a stroke back of the head during meditation eventually give out almost twice as many interesting ideas than those who have a habit of not affected.

While U.S. researchers carried out their tests, intricate Japanese already hard at work on the mechanical helpers for the "thinkers". Last week, the University of Tokyo researchers presented a robot whose only purpose - to scratch his head his master during the thinking process. As founders foresaw, intelligent machine is worn directly on the cap and able to work offline. Very soon, the model will be put into mass production, so that in the near future, the Japanese land geniuses are not impoverished.

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