Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Runet under the gun fire.

Many of us, if not everyone, every day we have to deal with search engines, and, again, many are choosing to do so "Yandex". In this case, routinely using the search, we do not often think about how it is arranged, unaware of those passions, which sometimes rage on the other side of the search string.

Already in the early to mid-2009, many SEOs and search engine optimizers, sounded the alarm - from the index's largest search engine Runet sites began to disappear literally "bundles". The fire apparently was carried out on target - it disappeared from search sites with poor content, sites that use technology to move out spam or specific engines for the mass creation of so-called satellites. Also significantly affected and many are suitable sites participating in trade or exchange links on exchanges such as Sape. Even went so far as to search out "Yandex" disappeared even some government departmental websites. The panic among webmasters spawned many theories: explaining what is happening and glitches base "Yandex", and the introduction of a new ranking algorithm, and the penalties for "black" promotion sites. Could only guess about the secret causes of all that is happening, and only recently the situation has become clearer.

"Yandex" on the war-path

In the late summer of 2009, "Yandex" has officially notified the webmaster of a three-year testing and commissioning of his next filter. This filter is called the AGM-17 can be excluded from that part of the search pages, which, according to its creators, is useless for user searches. In addition, as reported, it is a serious tool for combating the rapidly growing search engine spam, violate the effectiveness and reliability of Internet search information.

What do you say, the next search filter, how many of them already, how many more will be ... Why AGS-17 has such a large and notorious in RuNet? To understand what the AGS-17, let's first clarify the origin of its name.

Automatic grenade machine

Those who served, probably already guessed what was going on, and appreciated very bitter irony "Yandex" against those against whom this filter is involved. Thus, AGS-17 "Flame" - a machine-automatic grenade launcher, designed for mass destruction unprotected enemy personnel. For example, lets shoot tajectory, transforming traditional protective cover the opponent, such as trenches or dugouts, actually a mass grave. AGS-17 has a stunning rate of fire of 65 rounds per minute, equipped with a cooling radiator for this intensity of fire and effectively destroys targets at a distance of one kilometer. Warriors Afghans tell us that when the settlement with the AGS-17 began its work on the enemy, all resistance immediately ceased, and the trench trenches after his work was represented loosened the field with the remains of body parts of the enemy. As always no accident that this specific name of "Yandex" has chosen for his new algorithm for automatic analysis of quality sites.

AGS-17In fact, AGS-17 immediately attracted widespread attention in optimizatorskih circles with its stunning aggressiveness and magnitude of those "hostilities", which he launched on the Web. For example, when analyzing the structure of the html-code sites if this characteristic structure is repeated once more than two or three resources below with the IP class C - the whole pack addresses (with sites located in them) is sent to the ban. After the attack AHS site or banitsya and discarded from the index completely, or in the search are only some of its pages (very often - a home page).

On the eve of APS v2.0...

Every algorithm inherent errors and omissions - departure of some very respected government and commercial organizations (such as the Ministry of Transport of Russia or news portal from the search "Yandex", and that an avalanche of complaints that befell our support "Yandex" by Webmaster conventional sites, innocently banned this filter, direct evidence that the AGS-17 is not so perfect and just as we would like its creators. Therefore, from the beginning of 2010 launched a new, improved algorithm for analysis of sites under the name AGS-30, which is driven around in search right now. So the new AGS-30 - is not only a new version of the mounted grenade launchers, even more destructive characteristics with the use of charges, creating a vacuum effect of the explosion, and a prism with an optical sight, but this is a better algorithm for analyzing Web sites designed to make sifting sites " by Yandex, more quality and relevant.

It should be understood that such radical and drastic measures are taken "Yandex" recently over immediately to very many sites - is a necessary and decisive attempt to clear your search in the face is coming on the heels of Google (search which, incidentally, quite reliably protected from all sorts of rubbish). Time will tell whether these tough save "mass cleansing" of "Yandex" or, conversely, to destroy him, but what about specific boards and taken to the survival of your websites under pressure lyutuyuschego now AGS-30, we discuss in detail in the next article.
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