Thursday, April 22, 2010

Series for users of the BitTorrent network.

If some community and government organizations last week attacked on torrents and their users, closing around the world dozens of servers, while others, conversely, are using the new technology that looks much more constructive way forward.

Thus, American filmmakers Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith started shooting fiction series "Pioneer-1. Feature film, the authors define as a mix of political drama, "cop" movie and science fiction. Anecdotal story unfolds around the landing in the U.S. Soviet spacecraft, which was launched from Earth in the time of the Cold War.

This series will be distributed, especially among users of the BitTorrent network, and created - based on technology VODO (from the English. Voluntary donation), that is, to finance shooting themselves will be Internet users by voluntary donations.

As the portal TorrentFreak, currently directing the group has already completed the selection of actors and began shooting. The first series of Pioneer-1 "will be available in the torrent network in the summer or autumn of 2010.

For Bernhard and Smith is not the first experience with torrents. In early 2010 they released the film "The lion's share", which is also distributed through the protocol BitTorrent.Serial user torrent networks.

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