Saturday, July 31, 2010

News For Developers - 10

Microsoft has released an updated version of its subsidiary set of developer tools called Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools. Among the main differences between the new version should be noted the new ability to selectively disable individual add-ins and Solution Navigator tool for easy navigation of code complex multicomponent solutions. Now users of Visual Studio 2010 have the discretion to enable and disable add-ins. Besides, now all options for add-ins are configured through a single dialog. Utility Solution Navigator provides the user with the support dialogue, which operates in the same way as a more powerful tool Solution Explorer, designed for professional project management in software development. Community Center Solution Navigator can easily deploy the files with the code for easy transition to fit classes, as well as quickly find members of the classes within the class you want. Solution Navigator also offers users a search by code, the filtering project, view information about the classes, as well as preview images. Compared with Service Solution Explorer, the utility lacks only the simultaneous selection of several objects and drag elements. The new Quick Access to a set of Productivity Power Tools offers users a tool box for finding and executing the most popular teams integrated development environment. Function Automatic Brace Completion (automatic closing brackets) improves productivity when writing code by automatically inserting closing code constructions, when opening constructions for typed languages, Visual Basic or C #. In addition, the new version of Productivity Power Tools contains fixes for tools from the previous version, for example, the corrected function Searchable Add Reference (adding links, indexed for searching), and color highlighting in the Help options. In addition, the function is now supported by cutting and copying the code in HTML.

The company Canonical, the developer of the popular Linux-Distribution Ubuntu, today announced a virtual application, based on the relational database IBM DB2. With the new application, you can quickly create Web services that work with databases in the private or public cloud computing. Service is already available for use, it is based on server OS Ubuntu Linux Server 10.04 with pre-configured IBM DB2 Express-C, free of charge. As a result, users can work with systems like Amazon EC2, with a set of open source software, which is a full-fledged alternative to Microsoft SQL Azure. The new version contains all the necessary tools to communicate with the infrastructure Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), created on the basis of open source software Eucalyptus. Users can create new solutions as its own cloud solutions that are compatible with Amazon EC2, and IT-system within this public cloud service.

The Apache Tomcat announced the release of version 7.0.0 - first version of Java EE 6, said Issue noteworthy as follows: specification implemented Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and EL 2.2; made a serious cleaning of code is implemented to detect and prevent memory leaks in web applications, it became possible inclusion of external content in an application (aliasing). Apache Tomcat - a web server and application server for a long time former official RI (reference implementation), Web-based Java. Recently, baton relay intercepted Project GlassFish, but despite this, Tomcat is not going to fall behind.

One of the leading engineers of Google - Rob Pike - spoke at a conference O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) and believed the corporation of modern languages and the development site C + + and Java on them, according to the same source. Pike said about these industrial whales very negatively, describing them as wordy, overly complex and inappropriate for use in solving problems of modern computing infrastructure. "I think that these languages are too complicated to use, too difficult to understand, too complicated. They are very wordy, their complexity, the complexity and incomprehensibility increases with time", - said Rob.

According to the same source, was released PHP 5.3.3, which includes official support for PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager SAPI) and a large number of bug fixes (the result of the action "Month of PHP Security"). The inclusion in the mainline patches from opens up prospects for widespread alternative to apache + mod_php5 decisions - such combinations as nginx + php-fpm or lighttpd + php-fpm, allowing for better performance of Web applications.

Add-in Express Ltd Announces Add-in Express 2009 for Office and VCL 5.3.507 - new version of the VCL class library for creating add-ins are compatible with the architecture of COM Add-in applications, MS Office, said DelphiPlus. Also out Add-in Express 2009 for Office and. NET version 5.3.2030 - class library for creating add-ins are compatible with the architecture of COM Add-in MS Office applications on Delphi.NET, C #, J #, VB, C + +, Security Manager 2010 for Microsoft Outlook Version 6.0.1027 Public Hotfix - Library for the effective management of the Outlook Security Outlook add-in and programs that integrate with Outlook.

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