Friday, April 11, 2008

Bill Gates leaves

That leaves Microsoft Bill Gates, in principle, already knew quite a long time. Eventually, in 2000, he gave an old friend and naparniku Steve Balmeru armchair general director. And finally on 6 January at CES in Las Vegas, Bill Gates made his last keynote address as chairman of the Board of Directors of the corporation. Already in July, most of his duties will move successors. Thus will end career rights, Microsoft created in the 17 years since then, and never outgoing largest software corporation.

Now the main intrigue - who will succeed Gates at his post? Well, it is understandable Steve Balmer will remain CEO. Now analysts (yet no official information), that Bill Gates will replace two top manager: Ray Ozzy (head of the software architecture) and Craig Mundy (head of research and strategy). A new leadership of the software development corporation to decide a lot of important tasks. In the first place, of course, is the development of Windows. The last major product released under Gates, a Windows Vista. Indeed, Microsoft has already sold around 100 million copies of the new operating system, but IT managers, analysts and observers have embraced it without admiration. In many reviews Vista even led ratings disappointments year. Now Steve Balmeru, Ozzy and David Mundy Kreygu to create a new version of Windows, Internet Explorer upgrade to the next version, release the new Microsoft Office, to try once again, "kill" iPod, and so on. But, of course, the main intrigue of the event - will further than Bill Gates?

January 6 billionaire showed listeners vosmiminutny video, in which he looks for what to do. Clearly we can say only one thing: Gates will be much more to engage in charity. With a hefty share of irony group U2 leader Bono and reper Jay-Z told Bill not into music, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - policy, and the coach of meditation - meditation. As for the charity, the aggregate amount of awards (which in 2006 amounted to one and a half billion dollars) in 2009 - will grow up to three metres billion. According to the experts, Gates will not be able to distribute such money in the fund by working part-time, as is the case now. The fact is that in June 2006, the second rich man known American investor Warren Baffett procedure began distributing shares of its stock Berkshire Hathaway five other funds. This amount is in excess of $40 billion. And five-sixths of the total charitable foundation will receive the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now Baffett attorneys will be the third fund (for a couple with Bill and Melinda).

C 1994, the Gates Foundation fund family spent on charity more than $14 billion Of these, nearly 8.5 billion were spent on world health, about five billion - to the initiatives within the United States, and about a billion - on the development of "world". Now, Bill Gates said that "The primary objective of the Fund - to ensure that the health of the poorest two billion people, it was the same as that of the richest two billion". In his farewell floor to Bill Gates also devoted a great deal of time predictions technological future of mankind and society in the digital world. That is, in fact, continued its series of books on the subject. In this speech, he described his vision has been "second digital decade". According to Gates, in this period of civilization, all developers will focus attention on the links between people (what we are witnessing now), applications will be "polzovateletsentrichny". The same services will earn at all possible "intelligent" platforms - from the usual home PC to mobile (or IP) telephone, Internet TV or PDA / smartphone. This information now increasingly easy to transfer from device to device, a user interface and in the future will become more natural. Gates drew attention to the fact that the mouse and keyboard dominated government as PC 1995 and 2005. Now they are increasingly replacing the device with touch control. In the near future, will begin the rapid development of technology has voice control, and what appears then - until the mystery. Parallel will continue the development of technology related to high-definition video, including projectors and "superdisplei". Computers imminent future will be instilled directly into the table, the surface of which will touch the display (as you know, something like Microsoft has developed under the working title Surface).

Bill Gates, as it would treat any, has been one of the people who changed the face of modern humanity. It is a decision he and his Microsoft Corporation computers turned from a working instrument narrow circle of professionals in the daily utensils billions of people throughout the world. And then - "let" digital technology in our lives. Bill Gates goes, but the foundation, which he had to lay still long will affect all of us and our lives. How would we do this nor were… Meanwhile, Microsoft goes from the top managers. There goes Robert Short (in charge of the Windows kernel development). In the near future, will take Jeff Raiks (responsible for the development of Microsoft Office), Jeff Bruce (vice-president responsible for the acquisition of third-party companies and joint ventures), and possibly Charles Fitszherald (general director of platform development). Last November, the company announced the dismissal of I-T Director Stuart Scott, which has been the cause of the violation of corporate policy. Under the direction of Scott Microsoft IT unit within two years engaged in ensuring information security, infrastructure support, communications and business applications.

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