Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Intrigue Mail.Ru

Site is one of three largest portals Runet, so that attention is paid to him, entirely justified. At the end of last year around launched a massive plot. Its essence was as follows: search engine has long been one of the most popular in RuNet, but few people know that their own search engine at was not. Portal use search technology "Yandex", with the trademark "Yandex" it was not mentioned. Instead, the largest search engine Runet received only a few deductions from advertising.

By the end of 2009-the first such situation no longer organize ambitious Yandex, which demanded the "divorce" from In response, the administration began negotiations with Google, which has long sought a foothold in Russia's market. It was assumed that the search service had to go to the engine Google, as well as displaying search results ads from contextual advertising system AdSense. Moreover, the draft contract with Google meant that able to use as search Google (without mentioning his brand), and its own technology. Perhaps it was their joint application.

I recall that at the time, has already had its own search engine development - GoGo ( GoGo as a standalone project company was launched in June 2007. Search engine proved to be quite successful. Sam domain was acquired in 2000. Development of the project was conducted in 2006 under the leadership of Mikhail Kostin, who is also known as the creator of the search engine "Sic!". Investment in the project amounted to approximately $700 thousand

December 31, 2009 the first "Yandex", as promised, took off their search from However, the agreement with Google for various reasons does not work at full strength. As a result, today uses its own search for GoGo, however, contextual advertising for it gives Google. However, it is possible that the engine Google still be used soon. "Yandex" has completely withdrew from - no searching, no content.

This story has another background. In 2008, Google was trying to conclude a strategic cooperation agreement with the company Rambler. Google search was to be placed on the main page Rambler. This contract was part of a deal to sell the American Internet company of contextual advertising "Runner", owned by Rambler. However, summing up "turnkey" deal was blocked by Russia's Antimonopoly Service. Antimonopolschiki referred to the "opaque ownership structure of the buyer" (ie Google).

However Runet and Russia's media business immediately rumored that the real reason for the ban was the negative attitude of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for Russia's deployment on the popular site of a foreign search. This is indirectly confirmed by the shareholders Rambler, but the officials, of course, denied.

Now officials vying claim that the decision to use the company's own search has no political background and is dictated solely by commercial considerations. A senior manager and previously denied the Russian authorities' desire to intervene in the negotiations and Google.

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