Friday, April 11, 2008

IT SECTOR: an attempt to reboot

Greco-Roman wrestling among top managers Microsoft and Yahoo continues to be the focus of the entire computer industry. Only interchanges are, it seems, everything is delayed…

Victor Rupert Murdoch, pomyanuty us in the previous review, still refused to defend against Yahoo takeover by Microsoft, stating that the software corporation much more money. A few weeks leaders tried to negotiate with Yahoo News Corp. Murdoch to merge it with a social network owned MySpace and other Internet assets. In exchange, Murdoch offered minority package the second largest search engine world. Murdoch added that it is much more interested in the share of Google, which sells advertising on MySpace. Now Yahoo managers are likely to try to agree on a merger with a subsidiary of Time Warner - a corporation AOL. Only Microsoft would not! However, in most Microsoft has no unanimities.На recent press conference General Director Steve Ballmer, changing its usual restraint, said that intends to make the deal with Yahoo, even if this is his "latest achievement in this position in the company". But, in the words of Ballmera despite official denial of Yahoo merger, the parties still are negotiating on the matter. Nevertheless, it was originally proposed to increase the amount is not. Microsoft, the Director-General also stressed that in the case of a successful outcome of Yahoo services probably will be integrated with similar Microsoft platforms, as well as within the same corporation, and one brand to support two alternative service does not make sense. In his pica boss Ray Ozzy - Chief Software Architect of Microsoft - said that the company would not accelerate the process of buying Yahoo, which has now moved to the dormant phase. According to Mr Ozzy, the company that such a hurry acquisitions, "behaving irresponsibly". He said he remains "considerable optimism" about the fact that Microsoft plans on buying Yahoo still translate into reality. Currently Microsoft does not intend to change the offer, and Yahoo is going to continue to struggle tactics "power of attorney", preferring to put forward a new composition of the board of directors, loyal to the transaction.

And on Microsoft. Companies Microsoft and Sun are expanding mutual cooperation, forming joint-research center of a test called the Sun / Microsoft Interoperability Center. The main objective of the centre, razmestivshegosya in Redmond, near the headquarters of Microsoft, will be to ensure inter-Microsoft software products, and 64 - bit Sun Fire servers. Specialists point Microsoft will optimize the application for subsequent use on Sun platforms, as well as the promotion of such software and hardware systems. The center will be set up and test stand demonstration zone. As part of the agreement professionals Sun / Microsoft Interoperability Center will work with employees authorized technical centres Sun Solution Centers to provide clients with the possibility of testing their solutions on the platform of Windows Server 2008 and Sun servers. In addition, the developers Microsoft and Sun will conduct research on the development of cross-platform virtualization technologies. One of the first results of increased cooperation between Microsoft and Sun has been the emergence of solutions Sun Infrastructure Solution for the mail server Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. That decision, as stated in a press release, facilitate corporate users work with your mail traffic and allow for a period of three years to reduce the cost of the full e-mail systems by 70%.

Now, "" gland. IBM and Hitachi Corporation announced on the first experience of cooperation for the establishment of 32 - semiconductor nanostructures. Representatives of the companies said that in order to achieve this goal will be used "new methods of transistors in mikroplatah location." Let me remind you that in recent years, IBM was able to unite the largest market players components for general research into new technologies. Alliance was named Common Platform. It now includes AMD, Chartered, Freescale, Infineon, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and STMicroelectronics. Beginning cooperation with Hitachi indicates that the company and plans to enter into a "semiconductor" association. The main advantage Common Platform - lowering the cost of studies for each of the participants.

Already more than once stated that the "old" architecture Conroe processors will be withdrawn from the market aggressively in the near future. This view was confirmed by the Intel Corporation itself, as reported at a meeting with the head of the company analyst Paul Otellini. Already, the manufacturer ships the daily consumers CPU 100 thousand families and Wolfdale Yorkfield and from the time they are announcing sold more than 4 million processors. To date, Intel factory in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Israel produced a total of 72 models of 45 nm processors. By the end of the quarter, the share of these products in the structure of sales will reach 25%, and by the end of the quarter they had already III will be more than half. Otellini also said that the emergence of a new family of chips Nehalem architecture is expected in the second half of this year, will be released when two-, four-and vosmiyadernye model with a built trehkanalnym DDR3 memory controller and support for multithreading (up to 16 streams in the CPU). The integration of specialized processors kernels in Nehalem (graphical kernel) Intel is scheduled for next year.

Russia has demonstrated its success. The volume market cable television and broadband Internet access in the country by 2010 will reach $ 4 billion This statement was made by chairman of the board of directors of Renova Media "Jury" at the conference "Pripachkin Mediabiznes: strategies for the development and diversification of Dow." According Pripachkina, today modern pay television market in Russia, experts estimate of $ 650 million, and Internet services market - in the $ 1,2-1,3 billion Moreover, the growth rate in both cases reach 40%. Yuri Pripachkin noted the following trends that characterize today for the pay-T V: unprecedented growth in pay television market in Moscow and in the regions; actively networking cable operators; regional expansion of companies, among them - "Golden Telecom", "Renova Media", "Stream"; increasing popularity of integrated services segment of the Internet "T + V"; контентное confrontation, which is reflected in the expansion of content operators spectrum in anticipation of the transition to digital broadcasting. Speaking on the future development of broadband access, "Renova" leader noted that from 2008-2010 the level of penetration in Moscow SHPD reach 75%. Quote: "After that significantly change its market share will not work. By 2010, price wars operators will be local phenomenon, and the fight for customers with the price of access will be virtually impossible. 10 megabits per second for $ 25 will offer nearly all the players in the broadband access market in Moscow. " An important tool in the fight for customer loyalty, according to the chairman of the board of directors "Renova Media", will be content. The winner will be the one who can offer original and attractive, and therefore, "the content will have to either acquire or produce itself".

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