Tuesday, February 16, 2010

South Korea wants to become a leader in software.

The South Korean government has embarked on an ambitious program, which resulted in the country should become a world leader in the software industry. For this purpose from the budget over the next three years in software development will be invested 1 trillion Korean won - some $ 867 million in official communication from the Government expressly states: "The purpose of these investments - to bring South Korea into a global leader in software solutions".

South KoreanInvestments planned for the industries such as the creation of integrated solutions, software and the convergence of software generalists, focused on end-users. According to the Ministry of economy of the country, much public money will get software companies within the sector of small and medium businesses. The official representative of the Korean Ministry of Economics on the subject, said: "The plan includes the year 2012, we hope that it will eventually lead to the creation of the Korean developments, similar to Apple iPhone and others".

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