Thursday, June 5, 2008

Energy future of the planet

Now modern scientists had a number of non-trivial tasks, from which depends very much. On the one hand, this problem does not use renewable resources, which may soon end, such as oil, coal or natural gas, and with another - the security of the same rights and environmental conditions on the planet. "The peace" atom already gave us a dozen Hirosim literally in the middle of Europe, and its use now does not look so tempting, as before. As for other environmental aspects, over the past hundred years the nature of the adverse effects suffered so much by humans, but it was not practicable for all our shared history.

Actually, the problem more global than it seems at first glance. We need to significantly reduce pollution from fossil fuels to be convenient to live next generations. Therefore, scientists now are up to four key components: the sun, air, water, land. And what are working now, soon may well change the economic map of the world. For example ...

Gas hydrates

At this point extensively discussed the use of so-called gas hydrates (frozen methane associated with water). Initially, his huge deposits found in space, for example, on Jupiter. But then it turned out that the Earth's ocean space also possess large quantities of the substance. And not just great. According to calculations carried out, we have on the planet stocks was higher than coal, oil and gas combined. However, until very know-how is being ideological work, and the industrial exploration of deposits it is not yet under way.

And in this case we are talking about non renewable resources, since he constantly made on the ocean depths.


Biofuels - is a renewable resource, it is true, it may well consumption and man, and overproduction in the field ever not:). All the matter is that biofuels - a replacement for diesel, but created from biological components: oil and alcohol. This area several years ago predicted a very large development, although at one time, all stalled, so the very idea of leaving ... for the future.


Solar energy as an alternative source of electricity has already seen a very long time. But while it remains one of the most expensive alternatives due to low efficiency of transformation and expensive production of components. In addition, there is a direct correlation from the Sun - it is needed and the region plus the appropriate decision about what to do at night, and so on.

Although not so long ago in the field of micro and nanotechnology have begun to develop small power plants, consisting of a huge number of micro / nano antennok. All the beauty of these decisions is that they capture electromagnetic waves in the infrared spectrum. Elaboration ideas involved researchers from the Idaho National Laboratory, in collaboration with experts from the American company MicroContinuum and the University of Missouri. In principle, and the name "mikroelektrostantsii" could not have better suited. Needless infrared radiation is available and at night from the hot surfaces during the day. What is interesting this development? Scientists say the very high efficiency and low cost to obtain converters. That is, we can already speak of the birth of a new direction. Who knows, maybe it is these mikroelektrostantsii soon become the major building blocks of large buildings. Although novoizobretennoy technology has several problems - namely, straightening current with very high frequency and to explore the impact mikroantenn standing beside each other. In fact, both be resolved, needs only time to refine quality.

With the advent of solar power plants with high efficiency and low cost is already possible to solve several problems.

Sun plus air

This is a very interesting Australian project, which is, first, perfectly suited for Australia itself, with its dry non-residential spaces, and secondly, it is enough just to build ... nothing more dokupat not need it.

And that is the essence. Everyone knows that hot air rises. Scientists have offered to do a huge dome-greenhouses diameter, with built in such a way that the sun heat the air devat'sja nowhere, except to the central leaking pipe, which formed a very powerful flow of rotating turbines. One might say, live physics in action. And, no hazardous waste, nor even the use of any non-renewable resources. So far, no real implementation, but it is known that the Australian Government spends money on it. If the idea goes, the problem of environmental electricity in the deserts almost solved.


That's about. By the way, the future of hydrogen fuel for cars even Jules Verne predicted in a work "Paris XX century." And this "predictors", as history shows, seldom mistaken.

But today we do not talk about cars, and on the draft Torus (Joint European Centre for Nuclear Sinteza). What they are doing, try to explain in simple terms, yes nuclear forgive us. As it stands hydrogen fuel, which is warming up to the temperature of 150 million degrees Celsius, turning into plasma, which atoms merge and face, and when positive ions overcome their natural repulsion force, provided energy. This method is a million times more effective than modern nuclear power plants to radioactive uranium and plutonium. And here we are talking about hydrogen, which is little that is safe, and there is still so in huge quantities on Earth.

While the draft is at the stage of testing, and the practical implementation will be able to see our children.


This area has been studied little, but it gives a lot of prospects subsequently exclusively for nanourovnya. The very idea of converting mechanical vibrations into electrical current is known almost any of our contemporaries, from the examples of those same players in head zvukosnimateley Cassette and modern zvukosnimateley for musical instruments. But this case is not limited. For example, in recent years, several laboratories that have decided to tackle difficult nutrition nanorobotov used in medicine (those who must clean the walls of vessels and regulate pressure), chose pezoeffekte. That is, an example of ideas: a battery will provide current, if it will be projected ultrasonic radiation. That is, in any case requires mechanical external agent.

What's interesting, already have attempted to withdraw all-assumptions and on the macro level, a problem - you need to find a permanent source of such natural vibrations. And generally, the very idea of the macro level for pezoeffekta looks very unlikely.

In conclusion

Perhaps the use of wind energy - among the most common alternative option. As an example is the already large number of modern buildings, the architects who made it possible to "nutrition" of wind power plants, built directly into the facility. This great future directions.

In wind energy drew great attention to the same Europe, and, for example, now there already are few places where there is constant wind and not stand windmills. And the same Holland has a strong wind power, located 16 kilometres from the coast in the North Sea. Though somewhat geographically they are lucky (meaning the risk of flooding).

The active development are now seen in the use of geothermal sources. But this, again, those who are "lucky". Who has over the river with great use during this as a source. For example, there is an ambitious plan for alternative energy Manhattan (District of New York). The energy begins to sea waves used.

In general, in each case requires an individual approach, sometimes requiring a hybrid supplies. A combined humanity begins to turn in the right way. After all, saying "After I got at least not grow grass" in some cases has been literally true. Indeed, somewhere grass is not growing.

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