Saturday, February 20, 2010

No word about energy efficiency.

When building the data center (DPC) of the company these days is increasingly looking at this recently unimportant aspect, as the energy efficiency of computers working in it. And the news media published last week suggests that even large and apparently distressed companies are paying much attention to energy efficiency.

DPCIn general, attention to energy conservation, of course, did not arise by itself. The fact that the cost of the equipment used for DPC was so high that the cost of energy consumed, in comparison with this, Merkle. Today, technology has become less expensive, in time as electricity, by contrast, shows a tendency to increase prices. So in the long run, profitable companies to overpay for a more energy-efficient equipment, as repeatedly overpay for increased consumption of electricity.

Hewlett-Packard has decided to appear to be an example of the company, the most concerned about is efficiency and environmental friendliness of its technologies: a new data center, called HP Wynyard, uses a completely unique cooling system of servers that can responsibly be called truly innovative. As you know, a great contribution to the overall data center energy consumption makes the cooling system of computers. HP has decided to severely curtail this expenditure, ensuring the cooling of machines due to natural conditions. This company is located the new data center, eight miles from the North Sea coast, near the town Billinghem, where the temperature never rises never above 24 degrees Celsius and constantly blowing sea breeze helps, according to experts from HP, the improved cooling of the servers running in the middle . Wind collect eight two-meter suction fan, which forced the cool air under the floor data center. From there he goes to the server room, which is used for cooling of server racks. If the air outside suddenly turns too cold, then before applying to the servers prior to stoke it with heat, which emit servers. And to maintain the desired level of humidity the new data center uses rainwater, which will be accumulated, filtered and then sprayed in the data center.

It would be strange to not look an energy efficient data center cooling scheme from HP, specialists claim that it would save a lot of money. Annual savings should make a very impressive amount: about 2.6 million pounds annually. Moreover, with further increase in prices for electricity savings must be more and more tangible.

Perhaps the initiative of Hewlett-Packard to create a "green" data centers to pick up and other major IT companies, followed by other, smaller ones. But, I think, until the main interest is the desire to save on HP cooling their servers. There is, I think, two different opinion does not arise: the tendency to build more and more energy-efficient data center will only increase, because it has a positive effect on the costs of the company and its image in the eyes of others - in fact, whatever you say, today, energy efficiency clearly in vogue.

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