Monday, August 18, 2008

IT-sector: drop top

It happens does! July 21, Yahoo leadership suddenly found a common language with its principal enemy and leading shareholder - Carl Ikanom (he owned nearly 5% corporation).

August 1 by a general meeting of shareholders Yahoo, which will be decided by fate companies, and especially the fate of its top managers. The new distribution of powers is as follows. Eight of the nine-member board of directors will be re-run to their seats. Among them are the ideologists of Yahoo, which we know - the chairman of the board of directors Roy Bostok гендиректор and Jerry Yang. Not only will run Robert Kotik - he goes to rest. At the same time, the board of directors will expand to 11 seats. One of them takes himself Karl Ikan. Another two will be given to people from the list Ikana. This means that "the faction Ikana" will receive about 27% of votes in decision-making. Sam Ikan pay these three places its stake votes - he would support the current board of directors at the shareholders meeting. This impression that the conflict "ustakanilsya". Jerry Yang has already stated that the struggle for the management of the company behind, and Yahoo will be able to continue to adhere to the strategy, under which it is the "entry point" for every Internet user. Carl Ikan, in turn, thanked for what he will be allowed to enter to the board and help the company fully disclose its potential. He still believes that the sale of Yahoo or part of at least worthy of discussion, but now he shares the view of the board of directors at Yahoo as a unique blend of valuable assets. Let me remind you that Karl Ikan since May urged other shareholders to remove directors Yahoo and resume negotiations on sale of search engine company Microsoft. Hiccup represented the interests of a number of investors and even drew up the list of directors that it proposes to replace the shareholders' meeting on August 1, current leaders. Meanwhile, sources close to the Board of Directors of Yahoo, did not see the point in compromises with Ikanom. Even more recently leadership Internet companies accused Karl Ikana that he intended purely short-term goal - profit on the difference in value of securities Yahoo before and after the possible sale of the business corporation Microsoft. The rest Ikana, as asserted executive director of Yahoo Jerry Yang, simply do not care. Still, Karl and Ikan suffered a significant defeat in mid-July, when it became aware of the intention of one of the major investors Yahoo - the company Legg Mason - to support the company's current board. At the disposal of Legg Mason - 4,4% of the total number of shares of Yahoo. And what Microsoft? And Microsoft, seems to be completely "flies". Incidentally, Yahoo's net profit in the I half of this year grew at 2.2 times - to $673.4 million ($302.9 million for the same period last year). Revenue grew by 7% - from $3.37 billion for the I semester of 2007 - up to $3.62 billion in the current year. Operating profit was $221.1 million, which is 47% less than the figure I semester in 2007 Financial figures as the first half as a whole and II quarter were below analysts' forecasts. The very same company appreciates the ongoing financial results, calling the cause earnings growth to choose the right strategy.

Now everything else. Analytical company IDC presented a very interesting market research results neproprietarnogo (ie free) software. According to experts, the spread of software products, open-source can be organized in profitable business model. The study describes the strategy of making a profit from the spread of various businesses open software. According to IDC, the majority of software companies that promote proprietary software, generate 63% of profits from sales and 30% of the service. The remaining portion of the minimum is for sale, third-party developers and computer components. The basic income (59%), distributors of open software products depends on user subscriptions, giving the right to use the product and service. In fact, 10 out of 21 respondents thus receive 100% of income. Also, the study showed that on average 80% of income generated by open source vendors directly to the company, without the participation of partners. The largest such companies receive revenue in the U.S. - 62%, to European countries accounted for only 23% of total profits.

Events and telecom industry figures, as usual, impressive. I begin with troubled Motorola. Current data on sales of the company had not yet been published, but analysts hastened to assume that LG has been able ahead of American companies in II quarter of 2008 and as a result of gaining a foothold in third place - after Nokia and Samsung. That forecast, in particular, have made analysts Macquarie Group Ltd. and Goldman, Sachs & Co. Given that Sony Ericsson will is not very far from LG (24,4 million phones sold), we can assume that, following II quarter, and Motorola could prove to the fifth spot. And Motorola filed a lawsuit against its former executive director. Michael Fenger - currently Vice President of Sales Apple iPhone - is accused of violating a contract where he had no right to cooperate with competing organizations. According to Motorola, former employee of the company received several million dollars in cash and securities in exchange for agreement not to accede to competitors within two years. Also Fengera blamed for disclosure of commercial secrets. Fenger accepted the offer Apple less than a month after the departure of Motorola and peremanil, according to company proxies, two more managers with access to confidential information. Apple representatives refused to comment on events; itself Fengerom also can not be contacted. Meanwhile, Motorola requires a judicial ban on Fengera in Apple within two years and the return of stock options granted to former executive director of the company.

Revenue is one of the world's largest cellular operators British Vodafone Group I quarter for the 2008-2009 fiscal year amounted to 12.35 billion euros, while the previous year stood at 10.37 billion euros. This is stated in the published financial report the company. In doing so, company earnings in Europe for the reporting quarter amounted to 9.02 billion euros - growth of 15.5% as compared to similar indicator for I quarter of fiscal year 2007-2008. These findings coincided with the expectations of analysts. The company connects the successful financial performance during the reporting period, in particular, with increasing profitability of their operations in emerging markets and stable profitability in Europe. I recall that net profit Vodafone on the basis of 2007-2008 fiscal year amounted to 8.49 billion euros. Vodafone Group - one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. It works in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the USA. The number of subscribers of Vodafone is more than 240 million people.

The company Logitech - known manufacturer of small-scale computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, Web cameras, etc.) - reported the results of the work in I quarter 2009 fiscal year (ended on June 30). Logitech Revenue for the period from April to June was $509 million This is 18% higher than during the same period of fiscal year 2008 - when the company received $430 million revenue. Logitech Operating profit for the year grew by 24%, reaching a mark in the $30 million against $24 million a year earlier. Net profit in the Logitech I quarter 2009 fiscal year was $29 million (the year before the company received $26 million). Logitech stresses that for the year quarterly sales of products grew by 20% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 10% - on the American market, and by 41% - in the Asian region. The company Logitech, in particular, noted good demand for multifunctional Harmony remote controls and informative devices.

Despite the economic recession, the spectacle in America are still in demand. As I half of this year sales volume Blu-ray discs in the U.S. increased compared to the first half of last year by 300%. In just half a year Americans spent discs Blu-ray $200 million But overall sales of optical discs in the U.S. for the first 6 months of this year declined by polprotsenta to $6.17 billion In doing so, the cost of rental disks Americans in the first half of 2008 - the first increase at the same polprotsenta, reaching the sum of $3.97 billion first reported that in I quarter of this year sales of Blu-ray discs in the U.S. increased by 351% over the same period last year. The total market for home video in the U.S. during the first three months of this year amounted to $5.5 billion

And finally - on the gaming industry. Playing Wii system eventually became the console sold in the U.S.. In June, Nintendo sold 666,700 console, a total of 10.9 million dollars realized Wii, which enabled Xbox 360 console ahead in this region. According to statistics, in June the most successful portable gaming system has proved to Nintendo DS (783.000 consoles sold). Wii is in second place, while three leading interconnects with the result of PlayStation 3 console sold 405,500. Moreover, Americans purchased more than 337 thousand PSP, nearly 220 thousand Xbox 360, as well as about 189 thousand PlayStation 2. High PS3 sale due to the successes Action Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. New game studio Kojima Productions dispersed in the U.S. circulation of 774,600 copies, taking first place in the list of most projects sold June. The second place was portable simulator Guitar Guitar Hero: On Tour (422.300 copies) for the DS, and took third position Ninja Gaiden II (372.700 copies) for Xbox 360. Total revenues in June of the game industry in the U.S. amounted to $1.69 billion, which is 53% more than managed to earn over the same time period a year ago. Of these, $615 million (54% more than last year) had sales of consoles. More than $872 million (a 61% increase last year's performance) was able to earn on sales of games and all kinds of accessories brought $202 million (25% more than last year). NPD Group analyst Anita Frazier notes that the game industry revenues continue to grow despite the continuing economic crisis. She is convinced that even if this growth will slow further, in 2008 still will be a record for the gaming industry. It is estimated that the total revenue of all companies should make more than $22 billion

Year really good: for example, a division of Microsoft, responsible for gaming console Xbox, the first time been able to make a profit on the basis of which ended June 30 fiscal year. Previously managed to achieve success only in some quarters, for example, when the sale came from a series shooter Halo. In the fiscal year ended unit Entertainment & Devices, which is also responsible for moving the Media Player and Zune line projects Games for Windows, has been able to make a profit of $426 million Yet since 2001, when Microsoft entered the market for gaming consoles, the company incurred losses annually . Last year the unit lost $1.9 billion in early June, Head of Unit Entertainment & Devices Robbie Bach has already predicted the positive outcome of the year. It connects the Xbox 360 success with such projects known as Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV, despite the fact that the latter virtually no impact on sales of the console. Microsoft representatives also reported that worldwide has already sold more than 20 million Xbox 360. Let me remind you that this console is now in second place in a race current generation consoles, yielding substantially implemented by the number of Wii console. Third place took a PlayStation 3, which is gradually beginning to catch up Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, Sony hopes in the coming years ahead of competitors, increasing sales volume PlayStation 3 to 150 million units. The Director-General of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai said that first-generation PlayStation sales reached 102 million pieces since the advent of stations in the market in 1994. Over 9 years old market presence PlayStation 2 company sold 140 million copies. Hirano hopes that the PlayStation 3 significantly surpass its predecessor. Analysts company JupiterResearch meanwhile reminded that in the past from Sony was not strong competitors such as Nintendo. Two-generation PlayStation kept the leading position in the market that was impressive result. Sony unlikely to again dominate the market of gaming consoles - the question is whether the company potesnit Nintendo. Representatives of Sony, in turn, recognize that the company was too early to make a bet on technology Blue-ray: its slow spread adversely affected the sales of PlayStation. Another reason for declining popularity console Sony is seen in the lack of bright gaming portfolio at the time of emergence of PlayStation 3.

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