Monday, August 11, 2008

TOP-10 most ridiculous applications for the iPhone

Browsers known IT news Cnet could not ignore the launch of Internet-shop AppStore with applications for iPhone. His findings, they have decided to share with readers, reaching Top-10 most absurd, in their view, the programs found them in this store.

1. Birth Buddy Program will help otlezhivat duration fights with births and report to the mother. Birth Buddy worth while ten dollars, and actually is a combination of timing with your mail client, who is in and so iPhone.

2. Program Alarm Free, using data embedded accelerometer for alarm, if the phone falls from the pocket. Cnet to amuse a little commentators that the developers feel the program against the robbery: in their view, a loud signal to scare thieves.

3. Crazy Eye valued at $ 0.99 on the screen shows the terrible eyes. If the bailiffs phone to a person, it can be intimidating friends - joyfully reported its developers.

4. Program called Cow Toss (again, for 99 cents) makes it possible to graze a cow using a virtual all great way touch screen.

5. The utility Flashlight, $ 0.99 ahead again, turns the screen phone in your flashlight. Here is the absurdity of a large number of similar free utilities.

6. Handy Randy is already more - 10 "bucks". For the money you program will generate random numbers.

7. Seventh place for free if the program is, whether the game that validates your ability to concentrate by measuring the time that you will be able to keep a finger button on the screen.

8. 15-dollar card public transport Public Transit Maps, again, duplicating the functionality of many free online services.

9. Penultimate program won a seat Looky, which allows a user to see results in the current search system as a set of search phrases. Such functionality is available to embedded browser Safari.

10. Well, and interconnects the top ten World 9 program, which uses an embedded motion sensor for reproduction of the sounds of the game once sverhpopulyarnoy about Mario brothers. Commentators from Cnet say that dad or mom, jumping with the sounds comical, probably to amuse a little child.

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