Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Game developers are migrating towards the iPhone

Research Company Game Developer Research conducted a survey of developers of computer games for the popularity of various gaming platforms.

Apple iPhoneThe results of this study showed a clear trend among developers in the direction of the platform Apple iPhone.

For example, for Sony PSP write about 9,5% the creators of games for Nintendo about the same. At the same time on the iPhone OS platform is currently creating their own games about 19% of developers. Moreover, over the last three quarters of virtually all of the creators of games for mobile devices have written at least one application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the published report also recalls that at one time gadgets from Apple significantly stimulated the market for mobile games. If prior to their appearance, he accounted for 13% of the total entertainment market, now has almost doubled to around 25%.

Among the reasons that lead to migration of developers to iPhone OS, the report's authors called the popularity of devices Apple, their broad-purpose capabilities, sound pricing and marketing policies of the electronic shop applications App Store. As noted in the report, "the creators of software can afford to lower prices for the program to the ridiculous and yet at the same time earn a good idea." In addition, Apple has done everything to simplify the process of porting existing games to the iPhone OS.

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