Monday, September 1, 2008

Competing with India and the prospects of the Belarusian offshore programming.

The number of companies, earning money outsourcing, in our country right now is rather big, and it all continues to grow. But whether many of those working in the field of outsourcing, thinking that the boom will inevitably be for depression?

Rainbow plans

The successes of outsourcing companies operating abroad, quite naturally, and quite a long time already generate interest among all stakeholders in Belarus - from businessmen, employees (ie programmers), in power. Thus, there is "Infopark" and high-tech Park (TIP), and incidentally - zashkalivayuschie competitions at the Universities of specialty programming and a very high salary for Belarus to the programmers. At the same time, and there are plans for the future. It is, the successes have to ensure that plans were brighter.

At the time of PVT sounded figure in world market offshore programming around $ 70 billion a year. Of these $ 10 billion went to India. Indeed, the very PVT organized precisely in order to "to snatch a piece of this cake to regale with" (this metaphor, incidentally, used and officials themselves) through the creation of special tax benefits. Indeed, conditions have proved attractive to the Belarusian outsourcing, and many of them entered the PVT. With the help of the resident PVT scheduled to gradually increase its finances coming from abroad. For the year 2007 PVT in the person of its residents made substantial gains, increasing from 2.7 times in services. And these figures must, in the opinion of many, to continue to grow. Before any limits? This is where the whole issue.

Natural several constraints. Of the economy, we know that this is, basically, resources and competitors, pulling a patchwork of demand. Resources - a limited number of Belarusian specialists and a limited amount of money that are willing to pay them Western customers. And competitors - is, in this case, all other countries that deal with outsourcing. Now it is, basically, countries which are known as developing (China, India, Brazil ...). Naturally, many of the constraints Belarusian outsourcing business in cooperation with the authorities in a position to influence - for example, through various courses and training can increase the staff of programmers, and by reducing taxes (as in the PVT) can reduce the cost of programming and make the Belarusian company attractive for Western customers.

But competitors ... Alas and ah, not competitors dremlyut. And they are ahead of us - if not all, many. The most important of them, India, now, at least, has the advantage over our country in the offshore programming market. In less serious compared with India, but still formidable competitors (for example, the same Brazil or China) also have a much better reputation for American employers than Belarus.

Belarusians and Indians

Although India is indeed the most programmed country in the world, it is nevertheless a stick on two ends. The quality of software that are developing Indians, is that there has long been on programming slang term "Indian code" - it indicates the software code, written with a rather confused and the number of errors. Much of the current Indian programmers, unlike their Belarusian counterparts, has no higher education. This, you can see, too, does not improve the quality of their programmes developed.

What have the Indians, if not quality? The answer is obvious. Their work cost the Western customers so cheap that it makes sense to set and quality. Due to poor living conditions in India salaries of programmers in this country substantially lower than those of similar professionals in the West, making Indian labour attractive place embedding of American money.

Money coming to India as a result of outsourcing companies that make up a large share of flows to the budget of this country. However, apart from the positive aspects, this fact is negative and very important: in fact, millions of people dependent on rapidly changing software market. Of course, all people are dependent on any market, but here is the problem that the percentage of the population of India, which depends on outsourcing money. What if tomorrow the Americans decide that they need a better code than that which gives India?

Unfortunately, the Belarusian outsourcing companies seem to believe that the best way to achieve Indian success - this Indian same methods. "Computer lead" in the person of Alexander Oakli already wrote that shortly PVT should open a training and consulting center, where Indian specialists will devote Belarusians in the wisdom of IT business. In addition, the Belarusian specialists, in agreement with the Embassy of India, will be sent to the country as interns. Now, perhaps this is already organized and established - not the essence. A what?

That suited India, does not necessarily come to us. Many Indians - we are little. They work for less money than we are. They already have a worldwide reputation in the global outsourcing market, our country it has not. Let us hope that the Belarusian company guess not simply copy the Indian techniques and come to them critically and creatively.

But the problem is not only the secrets of successful Indian outsourcing business, whatever they were not. Case in outsourcing by itself. In the long run, this is not the best business model for Belarusian IT companies.

What is fraught with outsourcing?

Disputes not, outsourcing is now very good for Belarus. This new jobs, and the influx of foreign finance in our economy, and improve the welfare state through taxes ... It seems like, positive mass. However, each miners, found a gold housing, must think that he will do when it issyaknet: search for new housing or a new job?

Disadvantages offshore programming little evident in the short term. The most important long-term effect of outsourcing is that the country, only to earn money through it - a country subsidiary of staff for the global IT industry. Anyone who creates technology, gets control of the market, as someone who uses it, forced to follow throughout the developer of technology. Yes supplier of technology and income is much higher incomes suppliers applications solutions at its base. Outsourcing distracted by the best shots, and thus hinders the development of their own technologies. In doing so, the most qualified, usually go abroad in search of more creative or simply better paid jobs.

I hope we all want for our country something more in the future - not, incidentally, and distant as it might seem - than prozyabanie on the margins of the market as an IT-shnyh unskilled. The alternative is only one: the development of their own technologies or even their own software products. I think it's time to start the Belarusian companies to invest not only in the near future, but in slightly more distant future.

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