Thursday, September 25, 2008

Intrigue QIP

Any good PR Specialist you will say: if the information needed excuse, any intrigue can unleash literally on level ground. That's what seems to have been the company «RBC» (RBC) in an effort to make public the fact that among its assets to add popular among Russian users of Internet-pager QIP.

I recall that QIP is considered one of the most common in post-Soviet space programs for instant messaging. QIP is 100% compatible with ICQ, as passed on a protocol Oscar - is proprietary protocol, developed by Israeli company Mirabilis - the creator of the program ICQ. The main difference between QIP official ICQ-client is the lack of advertising - is considered an advantage, and most users of the program. Plus, of course, given the absolute «bezglyuchnost» and stability combined with ease of use. It should be recalled that the developer of ICQ (and at the same time and the ideology of Internet pagers) company Mirabilis few years ago was acquired by telecommunications giant AOL and converted into a company ICQ Ltd. Since then, it was AOL owns all rights to technology Mirabilis, its commercial design and protocol Oscar, which enjoys a majority of the 66 known instant messaging. According to several sources, QIP regularly uses about half Runet users. However, credit rating services give slightly different figures. According to the company ComScore, at the beginning of this year's service QIP enjoyed 26.6% audience Runet. That figure has messenger ninth place in the ranking of ComScore. Nevertheless, analyst investment company «Finam» Leonid Delitsyn sure that QIP - still the most popular ICQ-client in Russia. In his view, this program uses 40% of Russian Internet users, and the placement of advertising could bring a year of not less than $1 million a matter of fact, until recently the exclusive partner of ICQ Ltd. in Russia was the Rambler, but in May a term partnership agreement. According to Leonid Delitsyn, RBC media could become - or at least try to become - a partner AOL. Possession of one of the most popular in runet Internet pagers would greatly increase the chances of success of RBC. With regard to the market value of QIP, it Delitsyn evaluates its $3 - $5 million, and most other experts - in «several million dollars».

And so PR-started preparations for the monetization of QIP. In late July, a well-known Russian newspaper «Official» first published information about the Internet connection, pager QIP and RBC. I note only that the potential for disseminating such information originated as early as last year, when it became clear that the domain name is registered to a company Valento Commerce, and she, in turn, tightly linked to the RBC. In addition, according to the organization ICANN, the company Valento Commerce has an entertainment resource The publication «Vebplaneta» then quite dramatically the past about this, saying that QIP, in fact, the «parasite ICQ», as it uses the protocol and the subscriber base. Meanwhile, the protocol remains officially closed (proprietary). This means that for serious business owner QIP is required to conclude an agreement with AOL - only this agreement will make it possible to use the protocol Oscar for commercial purposes. It turns out that the direct purchase of QIP provided RBC unprofitable because of high royalties to AOL. Then the mechanism was implemented «incubator» in the form of third-party offshore company - the very Valento Commerce, as reported and the «Official». However proveryavshim this information to the journalists could not find any mention of Valento in describing the structure of the holding or in a presentation to investors. It turns out that the fact that buying «Rosbizneskonsaltingom» company Valento Commerce, which was discussed in the previous year, or eventually failed, or simply is not confirmed. However, owners of the QIP any comments about his relationship with the holding company while RBC refused.


OAO «RBC Information Systems» - Russian media. He speaks the same Internet portal, news, magazines, newspapers, TV and other assets. Financial indicators (2007): revenues - $193 million, EBITDA - $24 - $26 million Capitalization (at 28 July 2008) - $1.05 billion Major shareholders (as of 1 January 2008): German Kaplun (9, 22%), Alexander Morgulchik (8.9%), Dmitry Belik (8.8%). For the first time Valento Commerce has joined the list of companies affiliated with RBC in April 2007. Of the reports of RBC should: Valento was bought 27 Oct, 2006 - the first Cypriot company RBC Investments, RBC owned by the owners. But in May 2007, Director-General RBC Rovenskiy Yuri said that the deal to buy Valento did not take place, although it was planned - «signed a contract of intent acquisition». Of the subsequent lists companies affiliated with RBC Valento disappeared and appeared only in July this year already.

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