Thursday, August 21, 2008

Science. Geothermal energy future.

Only science can solve all the modern problems, and nothing else.

Literally in the next several years or a decade situation could change radically - nuclear, gas, oil and other distributed power plant will now be considered unreasonable anachronism. For that you need only one single invention! It forces and our scientists.

It must be said that the energy crisis, expensive fuel and related developments in the entire world and had a positive impact. What? In principle, one can recall the popular saying - "has not klyunet roasted rooster." And so it happened in reality: the beginning of mankind actively develop previously very highly specialized directions, to find them in healthy grains and invent the possibility of obtaining both necessary and kilo-megawatts.

It may be noted that there are several approaches to obtain electricity. The most common of them are essentially implies the principle locomotive. That is, the driving force for a steam turbine generator, saying otherwise, hot water. What is used for fuel - a choice, with most of them do not focus on renewable sources. Hence there are many problems with the same ecology of the planet, perhaps this is also provided and indirect impact on the global warming problem appeared.

Among all this way to obtain geothermal electricity now takes much less one percent of the total mass. Most of our ordinary person in referring to this method most often in the head Iceland comes with many geyser, although geothermal stations built in other corners of the globe, for example, in California (USA), Germany, and so on.

As a heated element serves as a warm, which is available in large numbers in the bowels of earth. And, this source can be considered something that is not renewable, and in fact, eternal, at least in the comparison with the history of mankind itself. This method of obtaining energy is almost clean, except for moments of release poisonous vapors opportunities in drilling and exploration, as well as the transformation of certain substances in the water, vaporized at high temperatures. But the method itself is very simple to describe its implementation, needed only two key elements - a deep hole and water.

How deep? And why is the same Iceland and California among the first to take for implementing these plans? Well, when necessary, and above 300 degrees Celsius are located at a depth of several hundred meters to several kilometers. Modern drilling technology allows up to such levels. But most of the planet has such a zone in the far-great depths of 5 to 15 km.

In fact, if the same interest in geothermal energy significantly earlier, the drilling technology for such a realization would have already been invented and used everywhere. But human nature is that first he takes something that is closer, so we need to exhaust other more accessible sources, fall into the dense dependence on the energy complex, then start moving in a more reasonable direction (a geothermal option is one of the the most rational).

Thus, today's drills are not quite suited to the tasks required for creating holes big depth. They wear out quickly enough, have a high cost. Although these moments and not so important in fact, since all extremely fast payback, because energy is almost free.

Among the many developments are the most promising technology to invent specifically for geothermal drilling. Sami drills under such proposals in a literal sense, not drilled, and proplavlyayut rocks. If we talk directly, then such technology in practical application waiting literally everything. And with its emergence can boldly say that the energy map of the world will change, and nuclear, thermal, etc. Station will be considered unreasonable anachronism.

In fact, you may seem that all, as mentioned, it is fiction or something that implies a distant future. Not at all. Why? Because the stakes are very high. Those who make the first commercial versions of such drilling, but in essence, izobretet suitable drill, in large UDP market. And if earlier large energy corporations can lobby for development only in specific areas, and, for example, very many benefits that the extraction of solar energy has a low efficiency, hydro and wind is effective only in specific geographic locations, that is showing obvious benefit standard methods. But on the way of geothermal energy is rarely spoken. Yet this is virtually the only way to completely fix any problems with energy for many decades ahead, regardless of geographical location. Naturally, in such a case, oil and gas suppliers will lose a significant portion of profits, and this can lead to serious confrontation. But today there is a clear problem - energy shortages.

What is the most interesting in this situation, the new drilling technology can be invented elsewhere - in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, in Asian countries, in the old and new world, in general, wherever it may allow scientific potential. And this will be one of the few examples where science will help solve global problems.

Some "but" ...

However, even the few examples of geothermal power plants have already demonstrated the attendant problems that might arise in such a method. Is it practically in one - a continuous supply of water because it evaporates, part, of course, condenses, returning to work, but many spent. That is, a more balanced system of water circulation - this time, the organization of its external supply - two.

For example, when the first boom was observed around the geothermal energy, as it did in 80 - x, it produces a large power plant, all profitable, with both developers and dealers, money invested in it, thought that the use of water, are in Subsoil Thereof, is a renewable source. It turned out that no resource has become an exhaustive produced power dropped significantly, and in some cases were simply stopped by the station. They are even going to demolish. But today, and largely because of the crisis, has found enthusiasts who bought these proceedings, while organizing the supply of water, and everything was working again, though not always in those capacities, but all can be considered a kilometre stage technology and growing understanding of the problems encountered .

That is, water - this is the only stumbling block, although all be resolved with a reasonable planning.

In passing this and you realize another problem - the issue has been too small number of people from science. After all, most of the improved technology in mass interest to them.

Looking to the future

In fact, such a development situation can change radically and contemporary vision of infrastructure. For example, the price of goods is always directly proportional to the cost of their transportation and energy costs in the production process. Hence it is obvious that if Expensive oil and gas, then all expensive. In global terms, this makes the world economy predictable in its instability.

Since gaining independence from the powerful energy source geographical position, to the same virtually no impact on the environment, the economy stops vacillation.

In terms of technology will be beneficial to contact the idea of electric current moribund - trains, trolley buses, trams, etc., may appear and the number of new species. That is, as transport costs can be reduced or stabilized. If the technology to develop extensive, there was electricity reserves can be spent on the production of hydrogen, lifting the road with oil needles, transferring it to all the same hydrogen fuel.

Geothermal approach that benefits and that it will help get rid of centralization of power system around the major suppliers of electricity. That is, if necessary, can create local geothermal station, which is minimizing the same loss of transporting energy. In addition, it can provide heating and a certain region.

You see how much depends only on one invention!

In closing the theme

In fact, despite the apparent complexity of people are not dedicated, modern energy and the principles on which it is built, are not something not understandable. Even more, they are simple, except for the nuclear section, which becomes available after examination of the direction of physics. And in fact all very simple.

And everything mentioned above more than realistic. Your humble servant and himself began to study books on drilling, geology, materials science, than take my free time in the near future.


So, the first material series of "Science" is finished. Frankly say its design originally introduced in only one restriction - we will be discussing technology to build. That is, the military system in any way will not be considered. This restriction relates only to this series.

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