Tuesday, June 9, 2009

iPhone Verizon

iPhone VerizonIs it worth cancelling my Verizon contract?
I just found out the new Iphone 3GS is coming out on June 19 and I'm kinda sad. I have Verizon and I got the LG Voyager 2 months ago and It's a 2 year contract. My Birthday is August 23rd so how can I fix this prob. I'm not gonna wait two years.

The New Iphone 3GS problem?
Ok the iphone is now pretty cheap and I know the plan or network you have to be with is at&t but when I went to sign up for verizon the gut said som phones from othe companies will work on verizon so would the iphone work with verizon???

Iphone has dropped to 99 dollars.....?
i have verizon and if there is one thing that they dont have, is the iphone. I have heard rumors about the 3gs coming to verizon, but im not entirely sure. Unfortunately im on my companies plan so i cannot switch to at and t to get the iphone, someone please give me info

Will the Iphone 3gs be available for verizon?
or make one work for verizon via app, or installed program from computeri heard of ppl "making" it work for verizon though

can i get an iphone for verizon?

will the new iphone 3g s be available for verizon wireless?
The new 3GS is supposed to be $199 when it comes out, when the 3GS comes out the 3G will be $99. I can afford the 3G (at $99) and the $100 termination fee for my current Verizon contract. But I can get the iPhone 3GS in 3 months. Is it worth waiting for or should I just go ahead and buy the 3G?

Should I wait to get the iPhone 3GS or get an iPhone 3G?
What verizon phones have twitter apps? I want to get a new phone and i already send updates via text, but I want a phone with an actual app like twitterfon for the iphone

Verizon phone/twitter?
Which Cell phone plan would you choose? I get a 23% company discount through Sprint, a 22 % discount through Verizon and only a 15% discount through with my current carrier AT&T. WITH COMPANY DISCOUNTS THE PRICES WOULD BE: Through Sprint I would Pay about $100-110 dollars a month for 1500 minutes, unlimited text and data for 2 phones. Through Verizon I would pay about the same $100-110 dollars a month but with only 700 minutes, unlimited text and only with the blackberry data plan. ATT about $95-105 a month for 700 minutes, unlimited text and data. The only reason really that I want to jump over to Verizon is to get the Blackberry Storm, To Sprint for the Touch Pro and I would probably get the Iphone for ATT. With all these factors, which carrier would you guys get?

Which Cell Phone Plan to get?
i heard that coming up soon verizon wireless will be offering the iphone. is this true? please only answer is you know for sure. i am due for an update soon and i figure i should wait if they're coming out with the iphone :)

verizon and the iphone????
I'm on a family plan with 4 people and my parents may let me get an iphone if I get good SAT grades back, but I have another 6 months before my 2 yr. contract runs out, how much would it cost to end it earlier?

iphone verizon | Palm smartphones sold around 50000 before ...
iphone verizon - Palm waited a long time before the weekend started on Smartphone and Sprint (NYSE: S) and Palm sold around 50000 units, according to the.

iPhone Verizon
iPhone Verizon. The iPhone has a deal with AT&T which will expire in mid-2010 and Apple could make Verizon Wireless a primary or second carrier partner.

iphone verizon Q: Should I get Apple iPhone Verizon? A: Yes ...
iphone verizon - With the AT & T (T) to jointly iPhone exclusivity expires in the middle of 2010, Apple (AAPL) has a big decision to make: to extend this.

iphone verizon Apple iPhone and Verizon pull handle
iphone verizon - Verizon (VZ) and Apple (AAPL) will discuss the possible introduction of an iPhone from Verizon, with the aim of the introduction next year,

Analyst: Verizon Deal Would Double iPhone Sales John Paczkowski ...
With AT&T's iPhone exclusivity deal set to expire in mid-2010, Apple has a big decision to make: Extend that deal or abandon it and sign on Verizon as a second carrier partner. In a note to clients today, Bernstein Research analyst Toni ...

Why The iPhone 3G S May Be A Sucker's Bet Right Now
I have an iPhone 3G, but there's no way in hell I'd upgrade for that much money. I'm waiting impatiently until I can move my iPhone to my Verizon plan, which has reception and international data (novel!). ...

BlackBerry Storm Squashes the Palm Pre—According to Verizon, Of ...
Verizon is preparing their sales people against the Palm Pre launch, with a detailed feature by feature comparison with the Blackberry Storm. Of course, according to Verizon, the Storm wins (against the iPhone too.

Open Question: Palm Pre on Verizon? Opinions on the Pre itself? at ...
I had an iPhone before working at Verizon, so I am really curious as to if this could be the potential rival to the iPhone everyone hoped the Storm would be (and we all know that went down pretty quick haha). Thanks so much for the help ...

Want an iPhone 3G S? Already have an iPhone 3G? Be prepared to pay ...
I have a mind to screw AT&T by dropping my contract, paying whatever outrageous fee they want and kiss them goodbye, then buy a “broken” 3GS iphone and use it with Verizon. I'm that irritated. I'm on the phone with AT&T now ...

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